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Athletes Bare It All for PETA

Amanda Beard and other athletes bare all for PETA The animal advocacy group, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has found a way to draw attention to their cause. The organization has a knack for convincing celebrities to take their clothes off. One of the latest is Amanda Beard…

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James Hirsen is the moderator of a panel discussion on Internet piracy

The panel will feature top entertainment executives, lawyers and technology experts.

Featured Topics Include:

* Sales and distribution models and how they affect revenue

* Technology methods to limit piracy

* Piracy legislation via lobbying

* Effectiveness of anti-piracy advertising

* Copyright law and its limitations in respect to illegal downloading

For tickets call (310) 317-7014

Piracy Panel 11-19

Hollywood is consumed with the subject of piracy—not the high seas kind but the Internet type, i.e., the digital plundering of music, films, software, etc.

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ABC’s ‘V’ Slams Obama and Pelosi

An amazing thing happened at a recent debut of a much-touted ABC pilot.abcvlogo.jpg

A not-so-subtle message was sent to a large viewing audience.

The targets of the TV communiqué were Democrats in power. If you can believe it, the Obama administration, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and the Democrats in Congress were smacked by Hollywood on a major television broadcast.

Rather than use the tired old clichés of villainous conservatives, Christians, gun owners or Republicans, the new show “V” went after the current D.C. free-enterprise-destroying agenda, and did so with an interplanetary vengeance.

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