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Paris Hilton Busted for Cocaine Possession

Paris the heiress may be headed back to the clink. Thought she had cleaned up her act but Paris was a passenger in a vehicle that was stopped by the Vegas police after cops sniffed the smell of pot in the air.

The driver was arrested for drug possession
and the police discovered that Paris was allegedly carrying some coke.

Hilton was detained at the Clark County Detention Center and released at around 2:30 a.m. Saturday.  For more CLICK HERE

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L.A. Times Questions Honoring Ernest Borgnine But Sean Penn is Just Fine

S.A.G. will be honoring veteran actor Ernie Borgnine, but the L.A. Times takes issue because of the actor’s conservative politics.

While Borgnine’s work ethic is admirable — he has three films due out this year — his personal politics are less than laudable. Four years ago, he waded into the discussion about the merits of the movie “Brokeback Mountain,” the first film to feature A-list talent in a gay love story. As Borgnine told Entertainment Weekly, “I didn’t see it and I don’t care to see it. I know they say it’s a good picture, but I don’t care to see it.” Then he added, “If John Wayne were alive, he’d be rolling over in his grave!” – - click here for more

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Justice Department Helping Hollywood With Copyright Enforcement

In January 2010 the Record Industry Association of
America asked the FCC to adopt rules that would require Internet service
providers to deny service to repeat offenders as a means of dealing
with copyright infringement of the Internet piracy kind.

Trade groups have been lobbying Congress to pass laws that make Internet
providers crack down on customers who are suspected of piracy. This is
because, under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, an Internet service
provider is generally not liable for copyright infringement if the
provider is only acting as a conduit for content created by another.

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The Reality Show President

Reality television now dominates primetime programming on the broadcast networks and is increasingly taking over cable as well.

The high ratings and low cost of these shows insures that this type of entertainment, and I use the term loosely, is here to stay.

The reality show genre has not remained static. New boundary-pushing shows have emerged as networks try to outdo each other.

In an unsettling sign of the times, it seems that we have rapidly mushroomed into a reality show culture, with all of the attendant celebrities such as Kate Gosselin, Kim Kardashian and the cast of “Jersey Shore,” who for no justification are outrageously overpaid and for no reason are ridiculously famous.

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‘The Expendables’ is Tongue and Cheeky Fun

These day the news can be really depressing. The economy is getting
kicked around and our quality of life seems like it’s going in the tank.
Times for a good escapist movie.

Just our luck! A throwback flick arrives this week, and it captures the
excitement of the 1980s action movies. It’s called “The Expendables,” a
film co-written and directed by Rocky himself, Sylvester Stallone.

Stallone has been able to gather together a group of action movie
veterans to join him in the tribute to the genre. The cast includes
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Dolph Lundgren, Mickey Rourke and
Jet Li, as well as some additional action-flick leads like Jason
Statham, Randy Couture, Terry Crews, and Steve Austin.

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Sandra Bullock Pulls Out of Gulf Oil Spill Campaign


The vilification of oil companies has been so effective that
actress Sandra Bullock has pulled out of a campaign to promote awareness of the
damage caused by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.


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