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The New Way to Get a TV Deal: Twitter

Hey writers tweet those TV ideas. The new trend in television may be developing a series from a Twitter page…

CBS is developing two new comedies, including a project based off a Twitter feed produced by social-media master Ashton Kutcher.

Following on the successful launch of its Twitter-inspired comedy
“$#*! My Dad Says” last week, CBS has made a script deal for “Shh …
Don’t Tell Steve,” based on a Twitter feed by the same name.

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Box-Office Breakdown: ‘Wall Street’ Closes High over ‘Owls’ and ‘You Again’

A drama sequel, family animated franchise and teen chick flick vied for a piece of the weekend box-office action.

An Oliver Stone follow-up to the classic 1987 film, “Wall Street,” topped the weekend take with $19 million.

“Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps,” the overdue sequel distributed by Twentieth Century Fox, stars Michael Douglas, who ushers his Gordon Gekko character into the modern age after Wall Street crashes and burns in the recent financial meltdown.

A host of real life Wall Street dwellers appear in the movie. Billionaire investor Warren Buffet has a cameo as does CNBC’s “Money Honey,” Maria Bartiromo.

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Shocker: Lindsay Lohan denied bail thrown in jail

Judge Eldon Fox, obviously has run out of patience for Lindsay Lohan.

The jurist ordered Lohan to go directly to jail with no bail pending an Oct. 22 hearing.

Lindsay was led away in handcuffs after the hearing.

The terms of her probation provided that if she missed a drug test or got a positive result, she could face 30 days in jail.

Lohan was ordered back to court after failing a drug test last week,.

This was only a month after being released from jail for violating her parole in a drunk driving case.

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Lisa Murkowski Write-In Campaign Misspells Her Name

Americans expect senate candidates at this critical time to know how to spell their names – - especially when they are write-in candidates.

Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski announced that she would launch a write-in campaign to hold onto her seat after losing the Republican primary. At the time she brought need for spelling in the write in process.

“You’ve got to learn how to spell my name, but that’s not as tough as it sounds, and over the next 45 days we’ll be teaching you how to spell it,” Murkowski said, drawing a smattering of laughter from the crowd of supporters in Anchorage.

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Box-office Breakdown: ‘The Town’ and ‘Easy A’ Beat the ‘Devil’

“Easy A” was expected to come out ahead of “The Town” in the weekend box-office battle.

Instead Ben Affleck’s crime thriller nabbed a stronger than expected $23.8 million in ticket sales.

“The Town,” which Affleck stars in and directs, appeals to an adult audience, and believe it or not, that crowd was larger than the one full of teenage girls flocking to “Easy A.”

It didn’t hurt that critics loved “The Town.” Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures put up $37 million for the film.

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Piers Morgan Fawns Over Obama

Now we know the Piers Morgan really intends to carry the Larry King tradition forward.

British tabloid veteran Piers
Morgan — says one of the people he’d like to talk with is President

In an exclusive morning TV interview, Morgan wouldn’t tell “Early Show” special contributor Amanda Holden
who his first guest will be, but he did share a short list of people
he’d like to get in front of the cameras — and Mr. Obama’s on the list.

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Despite Hollywood Assist, Barbara Boxer Predicted to Fall

After being in office for 28 years, Barbara Boxer’s
world is likely going to get rocked, despite a Hollywood producer
railing against her opponent, Carly Fiorina.

Prognosticators are predicting that California’s current senator may be
unseated in the upcoming November elections by the former
Hewlett-Packard CEO Fiorina.

While folks are focused on the No. 1 issue, that being the economy, the
nearly bankrupt Golden State stands as a poster child for the ugly
consequences of unchecked Democratic spending.

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