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Round Two of the Obama-Oprah Love Fest

Despite the whining from the Left about the Bush tax rates staying put, President Obama is still able to count on the support of one of his most important endorsers, Oprah Winfrey.

Yes, Lady O is sticking by her man. She has openly pledged her continued support for the prez in his reelection bid, which is a mere two years away.

The public hardly needs reminding that back during Obama’s 2008 campaign, Oprah backed him every step of the way.

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Michael Moore’s WikiLeaks Problem

Michael Moore hasn’t been faring too well at the box-office lately.

Recently, though, a weird twist of fate veered the filmmaker’s way, and he jumped at the chance to once again grab the spotlight.

The media opportunity arrived courtesy of WikiLeaks and its centerfold star, Julian Assange.

Moore rushed to the defense of the WikiLeaks founder, even going so far as to reportedly help finance Assange’s bail and to dismiss some serious rape charges that had surfaced.

Ironically, Assange is the subject of a newly leaked 68-page confidential Swedish police report, which includes detailed allegations of sexual misconduct.

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Miley Cyrus’s Bong Video May Trigger New Drug Legislation

In our digital society, private moments can go public in a YouTube minute.

For a celebrity, the viral results can be devastating to a career.

It’s too early to know how things will play out in the long run for former Disney star and Walmart clothing endorser Miley Cyrus.

A two-and-a-half minute video clip of her made the Internet rounds all weekend long. In it, the teen phenom can be seen inhaling from a glass bong and then giggling, laughing heartily and exclaiming, “Is that me tripping?”

“Okay, I’m about to lose it now,” she also utters.

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Bristol Palin Defends Sarah Against Margaret Cho

Margaret Cho may regret messing with a certain famed family from Alaska.

Cho was a contestant on “Dancing with the Stars” this past season but lost her dancing shoes early on in an elimination.

Cho recently lashed out in a blog post at fellow “Dancing with the Stars” contestant Bristol Palin.

The comic claimed that former vice presidential candidate and mom of
Bristol, Sarah Palin, had “forced” her daughter to appear on the reality
show for public relations and political reasons.  Excerpt: for more CLICK HERE

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