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Trump: The Art of the Real Presidential Deal

At first a lot of political observers were chalking up the potential presidential candidacy of Donald Trump to a conveniently timed publicity stunt.

As time goes on, though, it seems that even if Trump weren’t serious when he initially began talking about the GOP nomination, he is now.

Despite some fierce attempts on the part of establishment Republicans to diminish Trump’s appeal, he has become a bona fide presidential contender, as exhibited by his standing in several polls.

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Obama Goes for the Hollywood Gold (The Sequel)

President Obama recently announced that his 2012 campaign had officially kicked off.

What this means for the incumbent pol is that his primary activity will be that of seeking money to fill his campaign coffers.

As Newsmax reported, Obama’s unprecedented fundraising during the 2008 election season is under investigation by officials at the Federal Election Commission. This will in no way stop the Obama campaign from tapping one of its favorite money sources—Hollywood.

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Voting Problems for ‘American Idol’?


It’s not quite time to call in Jimmy Carter, but “American Idol” has reached a critical juncture. The voting process of TV’s most successful show is coming under scrutiny.

The recent elimination of contestant Pia Toscano got the social networks abuzz with posts from shocked fans, many of whom claimed that sexism had played a part.

Pia, a crowd pleaser and music critic fave, provided the viewing audience with some of the most consistently professional performances this season. Not only was Pia expected to be one of the finalists, she was thought by many to be the one who would win it all.

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Movie Firm Censors Jesus’ Name in Easter Ad

It seems as though each year, just in time for the Easter season, mainstream media sources decide to feature content that questions whether Jesus Christ rose from the dead and if he actually ever lived at all.

A church in Orange County, California decided to try and counter the secular media spin that was coming this season with a novel advertising approach. The Compass Bible Church created an ad to be shown in movie theaters prior to the feature film.

At a time when theaters routinely show previews of films with images of sex, violence and drugs, one would think that a church ad for an Easter service might be a welcome change.

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