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Anthony Weiner’s Perfect Plot for a ‘Hangover’-style Movie

It’s a typical day in Hollywood.

Producers are busy scrambling for material similar to that of the record-breaking box-office champ of the three-day weekend, “Hangover 2.”

Anthony Weiner, one of New York’s Democrat House members, is very active on Twitter, having approximately 45,000 followers. He followed less than 100 people back, which has now grown to just under 200 this past weekend.

One of the people Weiner actually does follow back is a 21-year-old college co-ed, Gennette Nicole Cordova, who lives in Seattle, Washington.

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How Arnold Was Able to Keep His Secret

Amid all of the mainstream media coverage of the Arnold Schwarzenegger saga, one question has repeatedly popped up: How did the Hollywood superstar and California governor manage to keep secret from his journalist wife and the news and entertainment media an illicit affair and the fathering of a child?

The media outlet, which has broken most of the stories that have involved high profile philandering, is none other than the mother of all tabloids, The National Enquirer.

The scandals of the Reverend Jesse Jackson, former U.S. Senator John Edwards and golf legend Tiger Woods were first reported on in detail by The National Enquirer.

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Trump Pulls a Huckabee

Mike Huckabee recently made the announcement that he will not run for president in 2012.

Apparently his heart told him “No,” and so did his FNC weekend cable show, “Huckabee.” The former Arkansas governor would have had to give up his coveted TV spot in order to make a go for the top political gig.

Now Donald Trump has followed suit. He has announced that he too will no longer seek the GOP presidential nomination.

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Lights, Camera…bin Laden

As it turns out, Osama bin Laden wasn’t just a video maker. He had actually become quite enthralled with television, especially when it came to seeing his own face on the little screen.

The bin Laden we grew to know and loathe appeared in a series of videos that were released one after another, sort of his version of a terrorist reality show. Interestingly, though, he had not released a video since 2007.

But now, thanks to a portion of a cache of materials that were retrieved from the walled compound by the extraordinary Navy Seals unit that took bin Laden down, a selection of videos were recovered that included outtakes of Osama’s propaganda presentations.

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Obama Seeks Hollywood Advice on Illegal Immigration

One week after holding a series of Hollywood fundraisers, President Obama came out and decried the “carnival barkers” who in his view are diverting the nation’s attention away from more important issues.

Obama’s comments were given at a press conference, which was set up to mark the unveiling of his long-form birth certificate. Immediately following his brief statement sans questions, Obama hopped a plane and headed to a taping of “The Oprah Winfrey Show.”

Next on his calendar the president made the decision to deal with the critical issue of illegal immigration by seeking counsel from celebrities including Eva Longoria, America Ferrera and Rosario Dawson.

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