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Loaded Liberals Love Obama’s “Buffett” Tax

President Obama’s “Buffett” tax on those who make more than a million has resurrected the worn out class warfare rhetoric that so many Americans have simply had enough of.

But what about Hollywood’s affluent executives and wealthy celebrities?

Bill Maher is on board with the president. The HBO “Real Time” host wondered aloud on a recent episode of his show about how middle-class Americans could vote against their supposed economic interests (translation: vote for Republicans).

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Donald Trump’s ‘GOP Presidential Apprentice’

Donald Trump has a new political reality show of sorts.

Even though Trump pulled out of his bid for the GOP nomination, Republican presidential wanna-bes are queuing up at Trump’s boardroom door to try and win the top kudos in what could be called his “GOP Presidential Apprentice” show.

Mitt Romney is the latest candidate to seek an audience with The Donald. The former Massachusetts governor is scheduled to meet with the real estate and reality TV mogul on September 26 at the Trump Towers offices.

According to an officer of the Trump organization, it was Romney who initiated a sit-down with Trump.

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George Clooney Plays Liberal ‘Dream Candidate’ in Latest Movie

George Clooney recently debuted his latest film “The Ides of March” at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Clooney, who directs and stars in the flick, also did a bit of pre-Oscar conditioning.

Because the movie deals with a fictitious presidential primary campaign, Clooney had to address questions from the press on the film’s political overtones.

Clooney himself had previously indicated that he did not harbor any political ambitions. However, his co-star, Ryan Gosling, was asked by the press at the festival if he would ever want to run for office. Gosling didn’t mince words. He responded with a single word answer, “No.”

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Hollywood’s Link to Kadafi’s Son’s

Moammar Kadafi actually had a connection with Hollywood.

The Libyan dictator’s third son, Saadi, was a movie mogul of sorts, with a film production company called Natural Selection, which he co-founded in 2009.

In addition to funding from Saadi, Natural Selection was backed by various private equity groups both domestically and internationally. The company had announced that it had amassed $100 million to use for new film projects.

Natural Selection was apparently planning to produce a slate of approximately 20 films over a five-year span.

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