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Jane Fonda’s Nancy Reagan Role Linked to ‘Game Change’ Writer

The writer of the upcoming movie, “The Butler,” in which Jane Fonda has been cast to play the role of former First Lady Nancy Reagan, has a track record of bashing the GOP on film.

Lee Daniels, who directed the Academy Award winning film “Precious,” is co-writing the upcoming project with Danny Strong.

Strong is the writer who adapted HBO’s “Game Change” from the book of the same title. The movie was sharply criticized by John McCain, Sarah Palin and other prominent conservatives as having distorted facts and depicted Palin in a highly negative light.

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Jane Fonda to Play the Role of Nancy Reagan

Jane Fonda has been cast in the role of former First Lady Nancy Reagan in an upcoming film from Lee Daniels called “The Butler,” which is about a longtime White House service worker. Daniels directed the Academy Award winning film “Precious.”

The filmmaker has co-written the screenplay of the new project with actor-writer Danny Strong.

Fonda, well known for her Oscar-winning performances, health and fitness videos, and controversial political activism, will portray former President Ronald Reagan’s wife.

According to Variety, Fonda will make a string of cameo appearances in the film that tells the story of White House butler Eugene Allen, who over the course of more than three decades worked for eight U.S. presidents.

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David Axelrod Cancels Appearance on Bill Maher’s HBO Show

Obama campaign strategist David Axelrod has canceled an appearance on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,” which was originally scheduled for sometime in the next few weeks.

Obama campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt confirmed that Axelrod is “not scheduled to go on at this time.”

Additionally LaBolt indicated that Axelrod or others from the campaign may appear on the Maher-hosted show in the future.

The Democrats have used the Rush Limbaugh flap surrounding Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke to insinuate that the Republicans are engaged in a “war on women.”

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Jane Fonda Attempts to Silence Rush Limbaugh

Three prominent liberal feminists recently published an editorial on CNN, which lobbied for Rush Limbaugh’s show to be pulled off the air.

The trio carried on about the conservative talk show host’s “misogyny” over the Sandra Fluke flap and urged readers to contact Rush’s radio syndication company to convince the corporation to confiscate Limbaugh’s golden microphone.

Gloria Steinem, Robin Morgan, and Jane Fonda, co-founders of the Women’s Media Center, penned the hit piece. In it, they compare Limbaugh to Nazi propagandist Josef Goebbels, criticizing him for using the term “femi-nazi.”

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ABC’s ‘GCB’ Series Is Unoriginal and Offensive

“GCB,” ABC’s new television offering, demonstrates that when it comes to ridiculing faith, Christianity is Hollywood’s religion of choice.

The GCB acronym stands for Good Christian B***hes, stemming from the Kim Gatlin book upon which the series is based. Following the initial announcement of the show, the network took pains to homogenize the title by reducing it to an abbreviation.

The show’s name, however, is not the biggest problem with the series. The Christian mockery is, and the belittling occurs in a way that no network would consider doing to any other faith.

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