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Chinese Government to Become Largest Movie Theater Owner in the World

Coming soon to a theater near you, in 3D, a Chinese communist-owned multiplex.

The Dalian Wanda Group, a Chinese firm, is set to become the biggest cinema owner on the face of the planet.

The company will pay approximately $2.6 billion for AMC Entertainment Holdings, one of the top movie theater chains in the world. The Kansas City-based entity is the second largest cinema company in North America. In the U.S. and abroad, it owns or operates more than 5,000 screens and is the biggest operator of I-MAX and 3D facilities.

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Sarah Jessica Parker to Host Clooney-style Fundraiser

Success often spawns imitators, especially when it comes to blockbuster movies, reality TV shows, and apparently now campaign fundraisers.

A couple of weeks ago 150 Hollywood stars and entertainment industry insiders showed up at George Clooney’s home and dropped a cool $6 million into President Obama’s campaign war chest.

To supplement the fundraising take, the Obama campaign came up with an idea of a nationwide contest, dubbed “Obama, Clooney and You,” where for a suggested donation of $3 participants would be entered into a raffle, with the ultimate winner of the contest being allowed to go to Clooney’s home and meet the star and his friend, the president.

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Obama’s Same-Sex Marriage Remarks Boost Fundraising in Hollywood

“Obviously yesterday we made some news,” President Obama told a captivated audience of Hollywood A-listers who were assembled at a recent fundraising event held at the home of George Clooney.

The president was referring to the statement he had made on same-sex marriage, which he and his campaign strategists had designed to inject energy and enthusiasm into the Democrat base in general, and the Hollywood community in particular.

A few months ago, not only did members of the entertainment community appear to have cooled to Obama, some celebrities were openly voicing their displeasure.

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The Obama-Clooney Campaign Finance Ploy

President Obama’s upcoming fundraising event with George Clooney is shaping up to be one for the record books.

On May 10, the 150 guests who are slated to show up at Clooney’s home are expected to drop $6 million into the president’s campaign war chest, all to try and keep the keys to the White House in Obama’s hands for another four years.

In an effort to really ramp up the cash flow, though, the Obama campaign has come up with a gimmick crafted to squeeze some money out of lower income folks and perhaps even unemployed ninety-nine percenters.

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