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Obama’s Neo-Imperial Presidency

President Barack Obama is pushing the limits of presidential power into unprecedented territory.

His most recent move was in response to the Supreme Court decision that relates to the upholding of the so-called “show me your papers” provision of the Arizona immigration control statute.  The Obama administration, via the Department of Homeland Security, announced that it was revoking agreements with Arizona law enforcement agencies, which gave local police the ability to enforce immigration laws.

The revocation came on the heels of the president’s announcement that his administration would refuse to deport certain illegal immigrants and would additionally issue work permits for them; this despite Congress’s refusal to enact legislation that would accomplish a similar objective.

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U2 Guitarist Gets Legislative Help to Build on California Coast

U2 guitarist David Evans, a.k.a. Edge, longs to build five luxury mansions on a 156-acre plot of land on a bluff above Malibu, California.

The California Coastal Commission has voted 8-4 in opposition to the musician’s plans.

About the project of the purported environmentalist-minded rock star, the commission’s executive director, Peter Douglas, indicated that in his 38 years of evaluating plans, Evans had submitted “one of the three worst projects” that Douglas had seen “in terms of environmental devastation.”

“It’s a contradiction in terms – you can’t be serious about being an environmentalist and pick this location,” Douglas added.

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Time Warner Looking at CNN Overhaul

Time Warner is reportedly looking to replace executives at the company’s subsidiary, CNN, in order to curb an unprecedented ratings slide. The 32-year-old cable news network has sunk to its lowest ratings in 20 years.

In May 2012 CNN’s prime time ratings were 44th in the advertisers’ coveted 25-to-54-year-old demographic, placing the network even lower in the ratings hierarchy than OWN, Oprah Winfrey’s struggling cable channel.

The abysmal ranking was revealed at a time of year when advertisers allocate media money, and the plunge is sure to slow CNN’s already low ad revenue growth of 12 percent.

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Alec Baldwin is a Fan of Bloomberg Soda Ban


The most dangerous threat to the safety and well being of New York City residents is now apparently Big Soda.

No worries, though, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg has popped to the rescue.

Bloomberg is using his office to take on the ample-sized non-diet soft drink indulgence.

Prior to snipping the straws of beverage drinkers, the mayor had previously set his meddlesome sights on the smoking, alcohol, trans-fat, and salt habits of Big Apple consumers.

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