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SNL: The Comedy SuperPAC

NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” is a late-night weekend tradition, which over the course of its extended run has used an assortment of contemporary political figures as comedic fodder in its trademark sketches.

However, a curious thing has happened to SNL’s comical programming content over the course of the past several years. The liberal bias that has been evident in Hollywood, and has now additionally permeated an inordinate number of our established media outlets, has also saturated the humor of the iconic television show. And the ideological comedic imbalance is hardly a laughing matter.

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The Movie Scapegoat

Over the last three-plus years, the Obama administration has taken the blame game to a new low.

This would be pathetic in and of itself, but in the finger pointing process the administration has also cultivated a twisted sort of expertise in its ability to manufacture scapegoats and deflect responsibility for its own serial missteps.

Of course, the administration’s tried-and-true target of blame over the course of Obama’s presidential tenure has typically been former President George W. Bush, particularly when accountability for serious economic blunders has needed to be pinned elsewhere.

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Martin Sheen Narrates New Film on the Chinese Threat to U.S.

A new documentary is focusing attention on an issue that has frequently been raised by the Mitt Romney campaign and also remains of paramount concern to real estate mogul and reality television star Donald Trump.

“Death by China” is a movie based on a book that was co-written by filmmaker Peter Navarro, who is also a business professor at University of California, Irvine.

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Recession Hits Hollywood with a Disappointing Summer

Economic storm clouds hovered over the movie business as the summer season ended.

Things looked promising enough last spring, when many in Hollywood were anticipating the best movie season that they would have in years.

Instead the 2012 summer as a whole became a mirror that reflected how deeply the economic doldrums had taken root in the film business.

Hollywood had good reason to feel upbeat a few months back, when it looked as though the box-office take would best the 2011 one by double-digit percentages.

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