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Hollywood Gives Money to Obama 16:1 over Romney

Hollywood celebrities are not only assisting with ads and appearances like actress Eva Longoria and rocker Bruce Springsteen do, but reaching into their wallets and donating to the Obama campaign in overwhelming numbers when compared to Romney campaign donations.

The sheer number of Hollywood donors has become large enough that The Center for Responsive Politics (CRP) now includes “celebrity” lists where the famous who give to a respective campaign are set forth.  Entertainers, athletes, authors and others are included on this political “A-list” based on paperwork that is filed with the Federal Election Commission.

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Look for Obama to Bring Hollywood Stagecraft to Final Debate

Hollywood handlers have always innately understood what researchers have fairly recently discovered; and that is that non-verbal cues generally trump verbal communication.

A presidential debate provides a textbook illustration of this principle.

Discussions following the first 2012 presidential debate tended to center on the subject of President Obama’s body language. Apparently oblivious during the debate to the numerous split-screen images that were being broadcast, Obama avoided eye contact with presidential contender Mitt Romney, and instead looked down at the podium as if to review notes.

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Slate of Celebrities Switch from Obama to Romney

Adding to the fresh energy that the campaign of GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney has reaped from the first 2012 presidential debate, an unlikely group of celebrities have publicly embraced the idea of a potential President Romney inauguration.

Piers Morgan, the consistently left-of-center CNN host and former “America’s Got Talent” reality show judge, wrote a column published by the UK Daily Mail in which he begrudgingly conceded that “Mitt Romney might just save America.”

Morgan took great pains to make the case that the former Massachusetts governor changed political positions, writing that “it’s hard to even recognize the new Mitt from the one who was a successful and popular Governor of Massachusetts.”

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Obama Reassures Shocked Hollywood Supporters

Hollywood is still stunned over President Barack Obama’s resounding loss to GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney at the first presidential debate.

“Everyone is in shock,” a longtime Hollywood Democratic activist told The Hollywood Reporter. “No one can understand what happened.”

There is deep concern within celebrity circles about the debate, and the adverse effects that Obama’s poor performance could ultimately have on his reelection effort.

A number of Obama supporters have revealed that the president is now being offered Hollywood-style advice on how to most effectively comport oneself while appearing on a televised split screen.

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New Matt Damon Movie Has OPEC Connection

Matt Damon is starring in the upcoming “Promised Land,” a film in which the American oil and gas industry is once again cast as the villain.

Woven throughout the plot of the movie is a carefully crafted message concerning a technique known as hydraulic fracturing or “fracking,” which is currently being used in the United States to successfully extract oil and natural gas from shale and other rock formations.

Through the cinematic mind massage, viewers who are susceptible to the media manipulation are led to believe that for the good of the environment the energy related technology should be banned.

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