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New Media Technologies Challenge the Legal Definition of Privacy

Smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices are filled with individuals’ highly personal data including emails, photos, contact data, financial, and medical information.

It is the type of private material that was previously kept in one’s residence; such material was precisely the kind that was contemplated by the drafters of the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution.

However, since technology appears to be outpacing legal reasoning, some courts have rejected the idea that during an arrest, the information contained within a smart phone would require a warrant prior to the search of its contents.

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‘Idiocracy’ in the Golden State

After experiencing the results of the recent election, many of those who reside on the Left Coast woke up the following morning feeling as if they had been beamed into a movie sequel for a film that has yet to be made.

Real life in the former Golden State has become too much like a follow-up flick to 2006’s sci-fi comedy “Idiocracy.

The movie never had a major theatrical release, but it has achieved a cult following due to its prophetic plotline. The humorous satire stars Luke Wilson and Maya Rudolph as two characters who, after participating in a classified military hibernation experiment, wake up 500 years in the future.

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Obama Campaign ‘Mined Data’ from Cable Television Companies

President Barack Obama’s campaign staff ran a decisively negative campaign, creating an advantage early on for the president with a distortion of Gov. Mitt Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital and a characterization of his challenger as a vile individual whose only goal was to further enrich those who were already wealthy at the expense of hard working, middle class Americans.

It is within this context that what was once a campaign of hope and change descended into an unprecedented highly coordinated series of assaults that would paint the GOP presidential candidate as a cheat, a felon, and even a murderer.

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Tight Presidential Race Pushes Celebrities over the Edge

Tensions are running high in Hollywood as polls continue to indicate that GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney is gaining in states that were formerly in support of President Barack Obama but are now considered toss-up states.

Numerous celebrities appear to be coming unhinged as a result. They have been expressing their frustration via remarks and PSA videos, which are intended to assist the president in his reelection effort.

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