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Oscar Members Struggle with New Online Voting

Endlessly debated in the last political election cycle was the subject of voting irregularities.

Now, as the Oscar campaign season shifts into high gear, Hollywood seems to find itself grappling with the same thorny issue.

Voting procedures are weighing heavy on the minds of members and leaders of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. This is because for the first time in its history the Academy has decided to incorporate online voting.

The holiday season is typically a time in which the votes for Academy Award nominees are cast. However, for quite a number of Academy members the new voting technology is presenting somewhat of an obstacle.

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CIA Head, Senators’ Criticisms Hurt Oscar Chances for ‘Zero Dark Thirty’

The Sony Pictures release, “Zero Dark Thirty,” has just gone from being an Oscar favorite to an Academy Award underdog.

The film’s change in status is the result of a spate of strong criticism that has emanated from public officials and Washington, D.C. politicians.

Kathryn Bigelow, who won an Oscar for directing “The Hurt Locker,” which was also a best picture winner, directs “Zero Dark Thirty.” A follow-up movie of sorts for Bigelow, the film has been a favorite of critics and has appeared on many prognosticators’ Oscar prediction lists.

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Media Violence and the Connecticut Shootings

Following the shocking events that took place in Connecticut last week, it is important that a discussion ensue in which the increased occurrence of mass shootings is examined in relation to the violence present in various forms of the entertainment media.

In a recent Fox News appearance, Sen. Joe Lieberman insisted that producers of violent movies and video games must be asked to “tone it down,” characterizing violence in entertainment as “a causative factor” that may lead to tragic incidents such as the one that occurred in Newtown.

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Vince Vaughn Teams Up with Glenn Beck to Produce New Reality TV Show

Hollywood has throughout its history frequently brought together unlikely individuals for the purposes of delivering unique entertainment and information fare.

A new production duo, however, is gearing up to make its Internet television entrance, and the pair involved may end up surprising even the most imaginative industry insiders out there.

“Wedding Crashers” star Vince Vaughn has partnered up with radio talk show personality and former Fox News host Glenn Beck to produce a new reality show called “Pursuit of Truth.”

The contest-type show is scheduled to be aired on Beck’s TheBlaze TV in the spring of 2013.

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Hollywood Stays in Campaign Mode

Samuel Goldwyn had the following famed advice for filmmakers: “Pictures are for entertainment. Messages should be delivered by Western Union.”

Today’s Hollywood is apparently choosing to ignore the renowned studio mogul’s words and are instead opting to keep the election campaign going, just as the celebrity-in-chief continues to do.

The truth is that for decades liberals in Hollywood have been shoehorning distinctively radical messaging into various forms of entertainment product.

Left-wing messages were embedded in a blacklist subplot of the movie “The Way We Were” (1973), which featured Barbra Streisand as the local communist.

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