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Clouds Gather over Film Industry as Oscars Are Handed Out

This past Sunday, as the 85th Annual Academy Awards Ceremony was taking place right in the heart of Hollywood, an anxiety was growing within the entertainment business.

Despite the much-ballyhooed box-office figures, the traditional movie business model is facing a grim prognosis in terms of its ability to generate future revenues.

After sinking in 2011 to the lowest movie audience tally seen since the mid-1990s (1.3 billion), the industry shifted into panic mode. Then last year’s box office numbers managed to provide Hollywood studios with some relief, thanks to a number of blockbuster hits including “The Avengers.” Audiences grew to 1.36 billion and gross revenues hit $10.8 billion.

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Oscar Chances for ‘Lincoln’ Hurt by Allegations of Historical Inaccuracy

Voting is now underway and will continue through Tuesday to determine which films and film related artists are ultimately going to receive one or more of the coveted golden statues that are given out annually by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Oscar campaigns have become brutal affairs, replete with skilled strategists, opposition research, and multimedia leaks.

However, this year politically tinged cinematic content and even some real-life political officeholders may have an effect on the outcome of the Academy Award ceremonies.

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Bruce Willis: The Reluctant Hero

At a time when Hollywood stars are lining up to support one Democrat agenda item after another, one prominent actor has decided to go up against the grain and give voice to alternative positions.

Bruce Willis is speaking out on two issues that so-called progressives have been championing, taxes and gun control.

It is a risky proposition to go up against the Hollywood Left, but Willis is one of the major power players in Tinseltown, having grossed more than two and a half billion dollars at the box office.

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DGA Sets Up Hollywood Power Struggle for Best Picture Oscar

A snub by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences along with a series of wins from the Producers Guild of America (PGA), Screen Actors Guild (SAG), and most recently the Directors Guild of America (DGA) have set up a major Hollywood power struggle in the lead up to the Oscars.

On one side of the power struggle is an institution, the longtime heralded filmmaker Steven Spielberg, and on the other an upstart, the comeback kid Ben Affleck.

Spielberg’s “Lincoln” and Affleck’s “Argo” will go head to head in the best picture category of the upcoming Academy Awards.

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