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‘Duck Dynasty’ Scores Big with Faith, Family, and Firearms

Even those few folks who had never heard of the hit reality series “Duck Dynasty” recently saw some of the cast of the reality show in attendance at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

A&E’s reality television series follows the lives of the Robertson family, who became wealthy as a result of the success of a family-operated business, Duck Commander, which is headquartered in West Monroe, Louisiana.

The show routinely includes scenes exhibiting time-honored American values, which, incidentally, certain current-minded television executives previously had a difficult time believing were marketable. Some of the values that are seamlessly woven into many of the episodes include fervent faith, family loyalty, dedication to the work ethic, and valuing of our constitutional rights, Second Amendment rights in particular.

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Robert Redford’s Latest Film Romances Radicalism

Robert Redford has a new agenda driven film out. Unfortunately for him, the timing of his latest release is terrible.

As the nation struggles to recover from the recent tragic events that took place in Boston, moviegoers have little appetite for flicks that are sympathetic to terrorism and its evil machinations.

Redford produced, directed, and stars in “The Company You Keep,” a political action thriller that is derived from a script, which was adapted from Neil Gordon’s revisionist novel of the same name.

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‘Saturday Night Live’ Pushes Obama’s Gun Agenda

As the U.S. Senate voted in favor of initiating debate on the implementation of new restrictions on constitutional rights, the “Saturday Night Live” crew was readying its Obama-supporting comedic arsenal.

SNL writers came up with an opening skit for this past weekend’s show, which essentially chided Congress for failing to sufficiently negate the Second Amendment.

The most recent telecast of the longstanding NBC show began with an Obama impersonator handing over a fictitious presidential press conference to two senator actors.

The senator thespians were fill-ins for a couple of real-life senators who have actually put together a background check proposal, which recently garnered votes from 14 other GOP senators.

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Beyoncé and Jay-Z Show Some Commie Love

Beyoncé and Jay-Z recently picked an odd locale in which to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary. Having the finances and time to travel anywhere in the world their hearts desired, where did the superstar couple decide to vacation? In of all places, Cuba.

The two declined to answer journalists’ questions about their jaunt to the Communist country. Perhaps they avoided speaking with reporters because, for the last 51 years, it has actually been illegal for U.S. citizens to travel to Cuba as vacationers.

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Jim Carrey’s Career Sullying Stunt

Jim Carrey received a great deal of news coverage last week, following a posting of what was supposed to be a comedic video on the Funny or Die website.

The video in which Carrey stars is titled “Cold Dead Hand” and features content that ridicules those who hold the Constitution in the highest regard and is dismissive of the Second Amendment. All of this is conveyed while simultaneously attempting to tarnish the reputation of the late great Hollywood film legend Charlton Heston.

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