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Kanye West Uses Controversial Tactics to Market Latest Rap Song

In advance of the June 18 release of his latest album, “Yeezus,” Kanye West is engaged in an unusual form of performance art public relations.

One of the singles from the rapper’s upcoming album is entitled “New Slaves,” and the piece is being debuted in various locations around the globe via video projections on the exterior of buildings.

Along with his own website, West has utilized social media sites Instagram and Twitter to drop clues to the public and press about where the video projection events were going to take place.

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Will ‘American Idol’ Go Through to the Next Round?

The once dominant television phenomenon “American Idol” has tried almost everything this season. But unfortunately, even an episode that featured trendy dance moves by Psy, soulful renderings by Aretha Franklin, nostalgic falsetto singing by Frankie Valli, and a provocative performance by former judge Jennifer Lopez couldn’t stop the show’s ratings erosion.

Ending a season of dismal numbers, the final installment of Season 12 drew the smallest “Idol” finale audience in the show’s history.

Back in 2006, when the music industry marvel was quickly conquering the small screen, the finale attracted 36 million viewers. Subsequent “Idol” finales would typically tally over 30 million.

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Saturday Night Live Uses Opening to Attack Benghazi Hearings

“Saturday Night Live” sunk to a to new low in the content of its most recent opening sketch.

The Lorne Michaels-created late-night television show was once recognized for its fresh, brash sketches that combined comedy with commentary.

That was then, this is now. Apparently, SNL producers and writers prefer to be politically correct in their commentary and aggressive in the expression of their liberal biases rather than just plain funny.

With the acquisition of further Benghazi information, which was recently revealed during congressional hearings and involved serious inaction, falsehoods, fabrications, and stonewalling following the Sept. 11, 2012 terrorist attacks, SNL could have used its media platform to comically nudge the Obama administration to be more forthcoming.

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Jay Leno Speaks Truth with Late-night Humor


Something intriguing has been happening at the “Tonight Show” with the content of host Jay Leno’s humor. The jokes that are flying are going where no late-night hosts have gone before.

Leno’s late-night TV colleagues, for the most part, have been blatantly partisan, particularly in the manner in which their material has been written. Leno’s peers have made the occasional reference to President Obama within the context of their jokes; however, in a similar vein to the mainstream media, they have been perfunctory at best in their targeting of Obama or his administration, reserving their sharpest comedic barbs for the GOP.

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