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NBC Helps Ready the Political Stage for a Hillary Clinton Presidential Run

Always available to assist the liberal candidate du jour, the entertainment industry and mainstream media are engaged in an apparent early effort to sway public opinion with regard to the expected 2016 presidential run of Hillary Clinton.

This time around, in the preconditioning endeavor, NBC is taking the lead for Hollywood. The Peacock Network is currently involved in the development of a four-hour primetime miniseries about Mrs. Clinton.

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Harvey Weinstein Deploys Liberal Weaponry in ‘Butler’ Battle

Harvey Weinstein has been engaged in a legal and public relations battle with Warner Bros. and the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) over the title of his soon to be released film, which has been marketed as “The Butler.”

Weinstein’s movie factory, The Weinstein Co., has basically been involved in a full-scale war with Warner Bros. over use of the movie title, which is also the name of a Warner-owned short film from the silent era.

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Court Is Likely to Resume for Zimmerman

Although George Zimmerman is now a free man following his recent acquittal, it is highly likely that in the near future he will once again find himself in a courtroom.

Zimmerman may be facing a lawsuit that could lead to a civil trial or a federal prosecution that could result in a civil rights trial. There is even a distinct possibility that he may have to face both.

Trayvon Martin’s parents are most likely looking at a number of legal alternatives that are available to them, which includes the consideration of whether or not to file a wrongful death suit against Zimmerman in civil court.

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Ice-T Carries on the Charlton Heston Tradition

Tracy Marrow is better known by his stage name, Ice-T.

Ice-T initially secured fame by being one of the early practitioners of a form of rap music known as gangsta’ rap. After co-founding the band Body Count, the urban music artist became even more famous for a public controversy that eventually ensued over his “Cop Killer” track, which glamorized the murder of police officers.

The storm surrounding “Cop Killer” reached its zenith in July of 1992, at an annual shareholders’ meeting for Time-Warner, the parent company of Ice-T’s record label. It would be here that Hollywood giant Charlton Heston would take to a stage of a different sort.

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The Underlying Agenda of ‘White House Down’

A humbling $26 million take has landed the recently released Sony film, “White House Down,” in fourth place for the weekend’s box office.

The movie’s underachieving status is perhaps an indication that the public is not currently in sync with those in Hollywood who subscribe to a liberal agenda and who tangentially pledge allegiance to the current administration.

With a $150 million budget and A-list cast, rather than being the enjoyable Fourth of July blockbuster that the studio had intended, “White House Down” turns out to be an infantile far-left fantasy dressed up as a string of “Die Hard”-style action sequences.

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