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Comedy Central Hosts Downplay the Harry Reid Nuclear Option

Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart recently scurried to the defense of the wily Harry Reid.

With late-night humor as a cover, the Comedy Central hosts parroted the themes of the left-leaning news media regarding the senate majority leader’s unprecedented move to exercise the so-called nuclear option, which in one fateful stroke changed the more than 200-year-old procedure for filibustering presidential nominees.

With tongue solidly in cheek, Colbert, portraying his faux conservative character, referred to the day of the Reid bombshell as “the last day of America” and announced that he was leaving the U.S. to go to a little known foreign territory called “South Carolina.”

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PG-13 Films More Violent than R-rated Films

Since 1968, the movie ratings system of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) has ostensibly guided parents and guardians in determining which films contain mature content that would be considered unsuitable for young people.

Adopted in 1984 by the MPAA, the PG-13 designation sought to set apart films that included material, which “may be inappropriate for children under 13.” However, over the intervening years numerous academic media analyses have suggested that movie scenes containing violence, sexual imagery, and profanity have increased in PG-13 films as well as in G and PG-rated ones. The phenomenon is commonly referred to as “ratings creep.”

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Hollywood Bundlers Line Up for Hillary

Hollywood is all abuzz about the upcoming 2016 presidential primary season, and the industry has some strategic plans to make certain that things play out a lot differently than they did in 2008. In that presidential election cycle, the entertainment community found itself deeply divided between Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Back then David Geffen, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and Steven Spielberg, the three principals of DreamWorks who also happen to be Hollywood’s lead bundlers for Democratic candidates and causes, found themselves at odds with one another.

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Obamacare Debacle Spawns Late-night Hand-wringing

The meltdown of the Affordable Care Act website,, has been eliciting some interesting responses on the late-night comedy shows.

Hosts of the late-night fare have made the White House’s infamous website a virtual punching bag. At the same time, though, comedy writers and joke deliverers, with the exception of Jay Leno, seem to be taking great pains to avoid making the president himself the target of any zingers.

Jon Stewart, who in the past took aim at the president’s health care rollout, used his Comedy Central platform to take cable news outlets to task for having used his comedic material to knock President Obama.

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