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If You Like Your Free Press You Can Keep It


The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has announced that it is suspending the so-called study of American newsrooms.

The federal regulatory agency came to its decision following objections from political figures, journalists, and commentators who were primarily aligned with one side of the political spectrum.

While some individuals are viewing the FCC’s supposed change of heart as a reason to celebrate, in this writer’s humble opinion it is too premature to declare victory, particularly when the seriousness of what was being contemplated by a powerful governmental body is taken into consideration.

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Comcast-Time Warner Merger May Violate Law

Some serious legal and public relations obstacles will have to be overcome before the $45.2 billion proposal from media giant Comcast to acquire Time Warner Cable will be able to materialize.

Our frequently misunderstood current antitrust laws are essentially an aggregate of statutes, which, in order to preserve and encourage fair competition for the benefit of consumers, were designed to oversee the organizational structure of U.S. corporations.

The statutes that date back to the 19th Century seek to place limitations on the mergers and acquisitions of business entities and to put in place restrictions on various elements that could potentially lessen competition within the business arena.

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NBC Reveals a Communist Crush


As Valentine’s Day fast approaches, it looks as though Cupid has been at work piercing the heart of one of the major U.S. television broadcast networks.

The media outlet that suffered a love blow is NBC, and from all appearances the network seems to have been struck hard. The problem is that the golden arrow Cupid flung must have originated in a country that had communist affinities.

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Waxman Retirement Leads to Left Coast Power Clash

Henry Waxman, one of the most powerful and thoroughly liberal members of Congress is calling it quits after 40 years.

Waxman represents an area that is famous for both its left-leaning politics and immense affluence. The 33rd congressional district of California includes much of Los Angeles’ West Side, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, West Hollywood, and the beach communities of Venice, Manhattan Beach, and Santa Monica.

As is typical in this age of gerrymandering, the 33rd district is a newly drawn one, based on data from recent censuses. President Barack Obama won the district back in 2012, with his garnering of almost 61 percent of the vote.

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