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Unbiblical ‘Noah’ Is No Crowd Pleaser

The much-talked about, biblically questionable big-screen release “Noah” finished its debut weekend with a better than expected $44 million in box-office take. But when it comes to the movie’s long term success, there are some dark clouds lurking on the horizon.

CinemaScore is a highly regarded market research firm that polls film audiences and rates their viewing experiences with letter grades. The firm reports its results and forecasts box-office receipts based on data collected.

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Noah Movie Director Disses Potential Audience

Paramount Pictures is not scheduled to release “Noah” until March 28, but the big-screen retelling of the biblical text is already fraught with controversy.

As an epic movie, “Noah” would have been viewed as having several built-in marketing advantages, the thinking being that any given studio might easily market to faith-oriented moviegoers while simultaneously attempting to attract fans from the general contemporary film audience. The public routinely flocks to action movies and to films with disaster themes, and the Noah narrative inherently possesses both of these story dynamics.

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Brown, Bieber, Gaga, and the Cultural Decline

Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, and a host of other young celebrities have been making headlines lately, but not necessarily for the reasons one might hope. A segment of the celebrity youth has been setting an example that is anything but stellar for millions of impressionable followers who look up to them.

Brown, who has had a number of platinum-plus chart topping hits, is possibly most famous for pleading guilty to the charge of felony assault of singer and ex-girlfriend Rihanna. He ultimately received a sentence of five years probation and six months community service.

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Parental Authority on Trial


Computer screens, tablets, and smart phones across America have been filled with the unsettling images of a couple in a New Jersey courtroom, the two reduced to tears over a lawsuit that was being lodged against them by their own 18 year-old daughter.

The parents found themselves in the position of being defendants at the Morris County Courthouse as a result of a lawsuit that was initiated by their plaintiff daughter after she had moved out of their home.

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Hollywood Visual Effects Artists Protest the Academy Awards

Viewers tuning into the television programming leading up to the 86th Annual Academy Awards ceremony may have noticed an unusual activity that was taking place alongside the red carpet.

Numerous people carrying signs of a significant shade of green had set up a picket line and were engaged in a full-fledged Oscar protest.

The color green in Hollywood typically means that an issue has some kind of environmental connection, but not in this instance. The signs displayed by this particular group were meant to invoke the “green screen,” which is a Hollywood technologically related mainstay used in the creation of modern digital special effects for cinema.

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