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Laguna Sky Recreates Early American Song for Wounded Warrior Project

‘Johnny,’ a recreation of “Johnny Comes Marching Home” is available for 99 cents with all the proceeds going to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Here’s the link for “Johnny” by Laguna Sky: …

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Santa Barbara Attacker Epitomizes the Dark Side of Technology

The tragic scenario is hauntingly familiar.

A young man possesses limited social skills, indulges over the course of time in an inordinate amount of video game play, receives periodic professional assistance for issues with which he is dealing, and is at one point prescribed psychiatric medication (whether taken or not is yet unknown). He somehow crashes through the internal guardrails that keep vindictive fantasies from emerging as vicious realities. A horrific killing spree results and multiple lives are left in tatters as the nation attempts to cope with the chilling aftermath.

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‘Million Dollar Arm’ Scores One for the American Dream

Mixed in with the early season’s action and superhero movies is one gem of a summer release.

“Million Dollar Arm” may actually turn out to be Disney’s feel-good film of the year. Distinguished from other sports oriented movies, this film not only combines elements of comedy, drama, and romance, it also weaves in some compelling time-honored themes.

Although it has been somewhat eclipsed by the box-office beast “Godzilla” and has garnered some mixed reviews from mainstream critics for its so-called predictability and sentimentality, there are some important life lessons that are intertwined in the plot line.

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Hollywood Awakens to Sharia Law

The entertainment community recently placed on the blacklist one of the previously topnotch places to stage the most lavish of Hollywood events.

The luxurious Beverly Hills Hotel has played an integral role throughout the history of the entertainment business, catering to legendary figures from the Golden Age of cinema including John Wayne, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, and myriad of other major celebrities.

This is no longer the case. The hotel is actually currently owned by a business entity that is under the control of the Sultan of Brunei, the ruler of a small Southeast Asian country who recently decreed into law a new penal code, which mandates that lesbians, gay men, adulterers, and blasphemers be stoned to death.

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Rand Paul and Silicon Valley Are Made for Each Other

Rand Paul has been seeking support for a possible 2016 White House run in a rather unlikely place. The Kentucky senator and likely GOP presidential candidate has been meeting with individuals and groups in the Democratic stronghold of Northern California’s technology community.

Trey Grayson, Sen. Paul’s establishment-backed opponent in Kentucky’s 2010 senatorial primary election, told the cohosts of the “Capital Games” podcast that he views Paul as a potential frontrunner in the 2016 presidential race.

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