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Davos Panelists Foresee the Death of Privacy

Eric Schmidt is the former software engineer who rose to become executive chairman of Google.

Schmidt recently spoke to the top political, business, and financial minds gathered together at the World Economic Forum. The global event was held at the fashionable Swiss municipality of Davos.

Schmidt’s speech carried a prediction regarding the Internet; that being, the World Wide Web as we know it is essentially destined to fade to black. Responding to a question about the web’s future, Schmidt said, “I will answer very simply that the Internet will disappear.”

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`American Sniper` Wins in a Box-office Landslide

Clint Eastwood’s, “American Sniper,” has Hollywood insiders in a virtual state of shock.

Eastwood’s directorial masterpiece has picked up six Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture and Best Actor. With more than $90 million in box-office revenue over the past weekend and an estimated $105 million take for the four-day Martin Luther King holiday, the film has exceeded expectations while decimating previous ticket sales records.

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The Significance of the Golden Globe Awards

The awards season is in high gear, and the time period leading up to the Oscars is now replete with shows that look and feel very much like the upcoming Academy Awards.

The most recent 72nd Golden Globe Awards, as well as the upcoming Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and Critic’s Choice Movie Awards, are likely to have a significant impact on the ultimate Academy Award winners.

The effects, however, may be manifesting themselves in very different ways. Various guild awards typically assert influence on individual categories; for example, the Directors Guild Awards should expectedly play a large role in determining the winner of the Academy’s Best Director category.

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The Rest of the `Unbroken` Story

Alfred Hitchcock once said that the drama in movies is like “life with the dull bits cut out.”

Along the lines of Hitchcock’s quote, some of life’s dull bits are indeed cut out of Angelina Jolie’s inspiring directorial triumph, “Unbroken,” which opened on the day Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

However, while Jolie’s film was careful to exclude some of life’s more mundane moments, one unfortunate writing and editing move made by the “Unbroken” decision makers was to not include, within the dramatic narrative about Louie Zamperini, the most important event in the World War II veteran and former Olympian’s remarkable life story.

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