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Hollywood Stars Express Opposition to Religious Freedom Law

Hollywood has typically been a place where the famed have frequently been known to be adherents of alternative belief systems, ones for which they seek tolerance, acceptance, and even religious freedom.

Of late, though, a segment of the celebrity community has been focusing its attention on a recently signed Indiana piece of legislation, Senate Bill 101, which is titled the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Indiana’s governor Mike Pence has signed the bill into law, and the legislation has the specific design of prohibiting government from interference with an individual’s right to freely exercise his or her religion.

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The Future of Entertainment: Augmented Reality

Entertainment’s future has arrived, and it has come in the form of a developing technology known as augmented reality.

Most are already familiar with virtual reality in which technology is utilized to enable a simulated world to supplant the real one. Virtual reality immerses an individual into a complete digital environment without said person having any cognizance of the world that is surrounding him or her.
Currently, the most recognized virtual reality devices are headsets made by Facebook’s Oculus Rift or Sony’s Morpheus.

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Growth of Streaming Has Cable and Broadcast Worried

Audiences for broadcast and cable television have been gradually diminishing over the last several years.

A recent event, which was held by the Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau (CAB) for entertainment advertising professionals, explored the reasons for the decline in viewership.

According to the CAB, roughly 40% of the ratings shrinkage that occurred in the last six months of 2014 was caused by people who opted to obtain their entertainment content from subscription streaming services, which included Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu, among others.

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Time for New York to Lift the Mixed Martial Arts Ban

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo is seeking to reverse an existing state law regarding mixed martial arts (MMA).

MMA was actually banned in New York, the only state in the nation to do so; this occurred when Sheldon Silver held the position of Speaker of the New York State Assembly.

The action that Gov. Cuomo is currently contemplating would provide, among other things, a much needed boost to the economy of the Empire State.

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Tim Allen`s `Last Man Standing` Is a Right of Center Success

In the world of television entertainment, Tim Allen’s show, “Last Man Standing,” is a comedic oasis, especially for viewers who have longed to see more conservative friendly themes appear within the much-loved sitcom category. Now in its fourth season, the series is proving to be a winner for ABC.

Allen is a major star of both the big and small screen, which is impressive in these times considering that he is also one of those rare commodities in Hollywood, a conservative. Reportedly, the comedic actor assisted in fundraising for Sen. John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign. In what is largely a left-leaning community, Allen stands apart from most of his Left Coast colleagues. He keeps a rather low profile while at the same time consistently demonstrates an old-school work ethic.

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