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Lessons in Finance from the Famous

Success in the music, sports, and entertainment industries is frequently marked by an increase in personal financial resources. The material enhancements often occur to such a heightened degree and in such a rapid manner that the celebrated beneficiaries are left unprepared to effectively deal with their circumstances without the assistance of professional guidance.

Many well-known celebrities have found themselves in financial ruin, despite having had huge amounts of money placed within their hands.

Actor Nicolas Cage, boxer Mike Tyson, rapper MC Hammer, actress Kim Basinger, and singer Willie Nelson are a few examples of some of the famed individuals who unfortunately ended up with their balance sheets in negative territory.

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Donald Trump Is a Real Contender

Donald Trump recently became the twelfth Republican candidate to enter the 2016 presidential race.

The successful real estate developer and host of long-running television show “The Celebrity Apprentice” recently gave a speech in which he declared his candidacy for president.  True to the mogul’s inimitable style, it quickly became the announcement heard ‘round the world.

Because he possesses heightened name recognition and communicates in a refreshingly direct manner, the business magnate appeared to receive a greater degree of news coverage than his rival colleagues in the GOP field. In attendance at the media event were reporters from Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight, and Page Six, among others.

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Is Political Correctness Killing Comedy?

Known for his brand of sophisticated observational humor, comedian Jerry Seinfeld may seem like an unlikely individual to be ringing a warning bell about the mounting threat against freedom of expression that political correctness is currently posing.

However, after remarks made on ESPN radio and “Late Night with Seth Meyers” appeared on the Internet, Seinfeld appears to have taken center stage on the touchy speech issue.

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Former Sen. Dodd Gets Three-year Contract Extension from MPAA

Christopher Dodd is the former U.S. senator who represented the state of Connecticut for thirty long years.

As Glenn Greenwald reported in Salon, Dodd announced in 2010 that he would not seek re-election, but he came to the decision amid a cloud of allegations.  When news stories emerged that he was seeking a lucrative post-Senate lobbying position, Dodd responded by telling The Hartford Courant that he would “not lobby, but, like [former U.S. senators] Hagel and Nunn, he may teach.”

The Connecticut Mirror quoted the then-senator as answering in an unequivocal manner the question surrounding his future employment by asserting the following: “No lobbying, no lobbying.”

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Hollywood Blindsided by L.A. Minimum Wage Increase

Los Angeles recently became the largest city in the nation to raise the minimum wage from $9 to $15 an hour.

Opponents of the increase have been concerned about the negative economic impact that the wage hike will likely have on L.A. businesses, particularly those that are operating under the dazzling dome of the entertainment capital of the world, Hollywood.

Supporters of the landmark salary expansion continue to claim that the move will have little effect on the entertainment industry, arguing that most workers in Hollywood are already paid far more than the newly established hourly rate.

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