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Faith-based `War Room` Conquers Box Office

Another faith-based surprise is changing the Hollywood calculus.

With its $11 million weekend, the Christian film “War Room” surpassed all box-office expectations, coming in a close second to the blockbuster hit “Straight Outta Compton”; this despite the fact that “War Room” was only being shown in 1,135 theaters as opposed to some major release competition that was being projected on 2,000 to 3,100 screens. The handwriting was on the wall for the film when the “War Room” tally reached $3.9 million for the combined Thursday and Friday night showings.

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`Big Bang` Star Mayim Bialik`s Un-Hollywood Faith

Mayim Bialik has achieved a high level of fame in recent years for her portrayal of Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler on the mega-hit television show “The Big Bang Theory.”

If her TV character’s scientific intellectualizing sounds surprisingly authentic, it is because Bialik’s acting expertise actually mirrors her professional credentials.  In addition to being a neuroscientist on the small screen, she is one in real life as well, having earned both an undergraduate degree and Ph.D. from UCLA in the field.

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Hollywood Support for Presidential Candidates Is Up for Grabs

Hollywood loves a good story, and this summer’s top one, politically speaking, is the rise of surprise 2016 presidential candidates.

Many experts are dumbfounded as they observe the sagging poll numbers of candidates thought to be inevitable nominees, e.g., Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush. Meanwhile, those once considered outliers, particularly Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, are contenders who are trending upwards.

Hillary supporters are dealing with a summer of drooping favorable ratings, swirling questions about Bill and Hillary’s foundation donors, and a criminal probe of Hillary’s stewardship of classified information while serving as Secretary of State.

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Donald Trump`s Star Power Alters the Course of the GOP Primary

A seminal moment recently took place in the media as viewers tuned-in to watch the first GOP primary debate, which was held in Cleveland, Ohio and televised via the Fox News Channel (FNC).

The astonishing 24 million viewers that watched the debate made it the highest-rated cable news broadcast ever, the highest-rated non-sports cable program of all time, and the highest-rated telecast in the twenty year history of FNC.

Fox News drew three-times the audience it had amassed for any previous primary debate. In the 2012 presidential election season, the cable channel rounded up a respectable 3.2 million viewers, a number that now appears minuscule when compared to the 24 million that engaged this time around.

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Michael Bay`s Benghazi Film May Shake Up the Presidential Primaries

Paramount recently announced the release date for “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi,” which is an action movie produced and directed by Michael Bay.

The upcoming film will make its debut on January 15, 2016, which is a significant date in presidential politics since the Iowa Caucuses are slated to be held about two weeks after the film hits the theaters.

It also happens to be the same weekend that Clint Eastwood’s movie “American Sniper” made its 2015 wide release debut. Due to the content of the film and its potential effect on Hillary Clinton’s presidential ambitions, Bay’s movie, much like Eastwood’s “Sniper,” is likely to be a topic of discussion on numerous cable television programs and an array of talk radio shows in the lead-up to its release and beyond.

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