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Biden Backers Emerge in Hollywood

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently made a cash stop at the Hollywood ATM via a $2,700 per ticket fundraiser, which was held at the home of Lionsgate co-chairman Rob Friedman.

Interestingly, Vice President Joe Biden appeared that very same weekend at a celebrity-draped gala on global inequality, which took place at New York City’s Central Park.

At the Global Citizen Festival, Biden and First Lady Michelle Obama joined a long list of notables, which included musicians Beyonce, Pearl Jam, Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, and Bono, actors  Leonardo DiCaprio,  Hugh Jackman,  Kerry Washington, Olivia Wilde, and Salma Hayek, and technology magnates Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg.

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GOP Establishment`s Third Party Trial Balloon

The Republican establishment appears to be having an extremely difficult time trying to figure out how to best deal with GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump,

His business success, coupled with his fourteen seasons on a hit television show that honed his brand as a solid decision maker, is part of the uniqueness that Trump has been bringing to the political world.

Despite numerous attempts from various sources to thwart his campaign, Trump holds the top spot in a majority of the polls. This is throwing the elite political class, which includes high-powered politicians, major GOP donors, and a plethora of media figures, into a panic.

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Trump Dominates Late-Night

The slate of candidates who are seeking the presidency in 2016 are busy making the rounds on late-night television talk shows as part of their election campaigning.

On his “Late Show” debut program last week, host Stephen Colbert had GOP 2016 presidential candidate Jeb Bush as a guest, and Vice President Joe Biden, who incidentally is on the verge of running for president on the Democrat side, shortly thereafter.

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Tom Brady Wins in the Legal Arena

Tom Brady is famous for his wins, especially in the final minutes of a professional football game. Most recently, though, the New England Patriots’ star quarterback achieved an amazing last-minute victory in a brand new venue, a federal courtroom.

Fans of the team are celebrating a legal determination, which is likely to result in Brady being able to suit up for the entire upcoming NFL season. Judge Richard M. Berman of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York has ruled in favor of Brady and the players association, which had sought to have the court overturn his four-game suspension, a punishment that had been meted out for the quarterback’s alleged role in what has been referred to in the press as “deflategate.”

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