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Two Smoking Guns

Following the completion of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s long-awaited testimony in front of the House Select Committee on Benghazi, mainstream media outlets dutifully went out and trumpeted Clinton’s carefully crafted appearance. Evidently, there was at the same time a deliberate effort to dismiss one of the most highly significant news stories and to continue with the agenda of getting the current consensus Democrat elected.

Those in society who remember when the importance of the First Amendment now find themselves in the unexpected position of having contempt for a media they once esteemed. The negative perspective has been precipitated in part by the intentional non-reporting of certain news stories and the purposeful shaping of select others.

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Global Warming Leftists Seek to Criminalize Criticism

In a society where speech is suppressed, truth is the prime casualty.  Dragged along in the fatal process are cognition, logic, and creativity.

This is exactly what has been going on in our society for far too long with an insidious incremental smothering of free speech. Now we find ourselves at a tipping point that promises to inexorably alter our First Amendment rights, and the response from leaders thus far, as well as the public at large, appears to be woefully insufficient.

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Donald Trump Gets Legal Threat from Steven Tyler

Most big name music stars are not exactly fans of the Republican Party. As a matter of fact, several of them, including Neil Young, Jackson Browne, Tom Petty, and David Byrne, among others, have used the threat of legal action to stop Republican candidates and GOP office holders from using their songs.

During the 2008 presidential election season, Browne, Foo Fighters, and John Mellencamp all demanded that Republican presidential candidate John McCain stop utilizing their musical compositions.

The latest celebrity to employ this tactic and halt the use by a Republican of a musical work involves a tune that is being played at campaign events by presidential candidate and current GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.

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`SNL` Sells the Softer Side of Hillary

Hillary Clinton’s campaign managers have been attempting to soften the former secretary of state’s image by engaging in an “authenticity tour,” complete with appearances by Hillary on several entertainment shows, most recently in a sketch on “Saturday Night Live.”

In the YouTube world in which we all now reside, whether a candidate for president appears to be likable, particularly on television, is of paramount importance to that individual’s ultimate electoral success.

All of the chatter about Hillary appearing to be stiff and scripted, combined with her falling poll numbers, email scandals, and challenges from Bernie Sanders and others, have caused the presumed Democratic frontrunner to try and convince potential supporters that she is genuine.

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