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Karl Rove to Use Dr. Ben Carson in Anti-Trump Effort

In yet another sign that the Republican establishment is in a meltdown over Donald Trump’s campaign success in pursuit of the 2016 GOP presidential nomination, Karl Rove is implementing a collateral attack on the frontrunner.

Rove’s weapon of choice in the apparent effort is a somewhat unexpected one, Dr. Ben Carson, a fellow outsider candidate.

According to numerous media outlets, Rove arranged for a meeting between the Carson campaign and Las Vegas billionaire Steve Wynn. The campaign strategist confirmed to Bloomberg Politics that he is the individual who was the intermediary between the Carson campaign and Wynn. In the past, Wynn and Trump crossed paths as business competitors in the casino real estate market.

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Colbert`s One-sided Comedy Puts CBS in a Late-night Ratings Rut

After David Letterman announced back in 2014 that he was retiring from the late-night stage, CBS made the decision not to go with a traditional host such as Craig Ferguson, former host of “The Late Late Show.” Instead the network chose to tap Stephen Colbert, a Comedy Central host who had built his prior show on a fictitious character, one that was, in fact, a spoof political caricature of a conservative.

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Jennifer Lawrence’s Political Opining May Cost Her at the Box Office

Jennifer Lawrence may have alienated a significant portion of her fans and done damage to her brand as well with some ill-advised remarks that she made during a recent interview with Vogue.

The “Hunger Games” star just kicked off a promotional media junket for two upcoming movies in which she holds starring roles.

The films being released in the next two months are a supposed final sequel in the “Hunger Games” franchise, “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2,” and another of director David O. Russell’s award-seeking vehicles, “Joy.”

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Donald Trump`s SNL Triumph

Despite the protests, petitions, and pressure placed on the NBC network, Donald Trump maintained his trademark focus throughout the attacks and ultimately took to the stage as host of the most recent episode of television’s iconic comedy show, “Saturday Night Live.”

Thanks to Trump’s appearance, SNL achieved record ratings and the GOP presidential frontrunner enhanced his image in the process, further strengthening his candidacy.

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Hillary`s Private Email Address in Ben Affleck`s Hands

It is now evident that Vermont socialist senator Bernie Sanders’s utterance at the first Democratic primary debate about the American people being “sick and tired of hearing about Hillary’s [expletive] emails” was ineffective in its apparent effort to deflect attention away from the pertinent election related issue.

A significant portion of the nation’s voting populace is indeed sick over how long the process of obtaining information is taking and tired of how the mainstream media continues to carry water for the former secretary of state with regard to her evasive tactics.

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