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Rising Tide of `Star Wars: The Force Awakens` Lifts All Films

Disney’s “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is nothing short of an entertainment industry phenom.

“The Force” energized the Christmas movie box office while simultaneously spreading yuletide cheer to its cinematic competitors.

Having debuted a weekend earlier with a worldwide record of $529 million, the J.J. Abrams sequel attained another box-office milestone by reaching a global gross of $1 billion faster than any movie that has ever been made.

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Mark Burnett to Head MGM Television Unit

Faith-based fare is about to take a giant step onto your television, smart phone, and tablet.

Mark Burnett, the prodigious reality show magnate and faith film mogul, has been named president of MGM Television and Digital Group, and Burnett’s wife, actress-producer Roma Downey, is taking a position as president of LightWorkers Media, the faith and family division of MGM Television and Digital Group.

The couple’s deep devotion to Christianity has motivated the two to become innovators in bringing inspirational content to television and film.

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SAG and Globes Nominations Highlight Sea Change in Entertainment Delivery

The manner in which entertainment is being delivered to the public has been undergoing a transformation for a number of years now, particularly in the entertainment component that is generically referred to as “television.”

The major broadcast television industry initially had to grapple with the advent of cable television. Now, however, Internet streaming, which has significantly altered the entertainment landscape, is on the verge of superseding cable as the primary way in which people select their television fare and/or view their favorite digital media.

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Super Star Supporters of The Second Amendment

When it comes to the Second Amendment, Hollywood hypocrisy has been on display for a very long time.

In light of recent tragedies, though, the double standard that exists seems to be even more exaggerated now than in past circumstances. Many celebrities are woefully comfortable with their superb level of private protection while simultaneously being wildly insensitive to the plight of others who do not enjoy such luxury for themselves or their families.

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