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Bernie Sanders Slams Hillary for Clooney Fundraiser

The Bernie Sanders campaign has found a new wedge issue in the head to head contest with Hillary Clinton for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination: the massive amounts of cash that Hillary receives from Hollywood’s biggest bundlers and donors.

After the Sanders campaign derided the Vermont senator’s opponent for fundraisers that the Clinton campaign has scheduled, which feature George Clooney, Sanders himself appeared on CNN and said that bundlers such as Clooney represent “the problem with American politics.”

Sanders gave a nod to Clooney’s acting skills but then suggested that the use of Clooney for extravagant Hollywood fundraising activity is unseemly.

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The California Primary Could Decide GOP Nominee This Time Around

When it comes to politics, California is best known for the huge amounts of cash that stream from Hollywood and the Silicon Valley straight into the campaign coffers of Democrat candidates.

In terms of the primary contest, the Golden State has not been as significant a factor in the modern era, mainly due to its late voting date and the immense cost of campaigning in such a large state.

During the last presidential election cycle, then-GOP candidate Mitt Romney had already wrapped up the nomination a few weeks before the California primary had even taken place.

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Psychological Warfare Being Waged on Trump Supporters

Psychological Operations, a.k.a. PsyOps, are pre-planned activities that seek to influence the emotions, motives, reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of groups and individuals. Activities of these types are conventionally thought of within a military context and framework.

PsyOps have historically been utilized by the military for strategic reasons to create degradation of a potential adversary. United States Air Force documents indicate that these psychological operations have the potential to disrupt, confuse, and protract an adversary’s decision-making process, thus undermining command and control.

The end result that is ultimately sought with successful implementation of the strategy is to lower the morale of adversaries and reduce their will to fight.

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Hollywood, the GOP Establishment, and a Contested Convention

Hollywood celebrities are accustomed to repeating the same tired talking points as liberal Democrats and mainstream media elites when it comes to anti-Second Amendment rhetoric, radical environmental ideology, and policies of appeasement.

Curiously, however, a coalition has recently sprung up that consists of a bramblebush of anti-conservative opponents.

George Clooney, Susan Sarandon, Louie CK, and the “Saturday Night Live” writing staff are currently joining forces with the GOP establishment, the common thread attaching them to one another being an inordinate dislike for Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump.

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