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The Donald Trump-Prince Connection

The public may generally have been unaware that a nexus existed between Donald Trump and the late pop icon Prince; however, this certainly appears to be the case.

There are actually numerous links between the two famed individuals, each of their names having recently been brought up in the media and on the Internet following the unexpected passing of Prince.

Trump himself reacted to the death of beloved music artist by posting a tribute to him on the web.

The GOP front-runner surprised his Twitter followers by releasing a statement that read, “I met Prince on numerous occasions. He was an amazing talent and wonderful guy. He will be greatly missed!”

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California Holds Golden Key for the Trump Campaign

Like a locomotive in the night, the headlights of the California primary are getting brighter and coming ever closer, bringing what will be a decisive conclusion to the 2016 Republican primary contest.

Despite all the machinations by the GOP establishment, the Golden State June 7 primary is likely to give Donald Trump enough delegates to place him either over the magic 1,237 number or close enough so that he can win the first round at the convention in Cleveland this July and secure the nomination for the presidency.

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HBO Launches Cinematic Attack on Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas

HBO is about to debut a movie titled “Confirmation,” which looks to be an all-out effort to revise the historical record of the 1991 confirmation hearings of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

Kerry Washington, the lead actress on the hit television show “Scandal,” plays the role of Anita Hill, Wendell Pierce of HBO’s “The Wire” portrays Justice Thomas, and Greg Kinnear, Jennifer Hudson, Erika Christensen, Jeffrey Wright, Bill Irwin, and Eric Stonestreet appear in supporting roles.

The film ostensibly tells the story of the confirmation hearings that took place two-plus decades ago, during which Hill accused then-Supreme Court nominee Thomas of sexual harassment.

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Cable Companies Benefit from Unpredictable Primaries

Cable news shows have been strategically placing digital countdown clocks in the corner of the television screen to let audiences know the exact time of an upcoming primary contest, debate, or town hall meeting.

The countdown clocks are being displayed by cable news channels for a very specific reason. It makes good business sense.

The unprecedented nature of the primary election season has contributed to sizable increases in revenues for the cable TV news outlets.

The unconventional campaigns of both GOP front-runner Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders have increased the news coverage of primary campaign stories, live rallies, town halls and speeches exponentially.

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