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No Bang at the Box Office for `Independence Day` Sequel

One might think that the ideal time to release a big-budget summer sci-fi film would be the Fourth of July weekend, particularly when the movie itself bears the holiday’s name.

Not so this time around for Roland Emmerich’s “Independence Day: Resurgence.”

The much-anticipated flick underwhelmed the North American box office over the past weekend, with a lower-than-expected take of $41.6 million.

In a typical summer season, an alien invasion blockbuster-in-waiting would draw in audiences like a high-powered magnet, attracting with ease those in search of some mindless relief and knock-out fun.

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Britain`s Brexit Referendum to Bring Back the Nation-state

by James Hirsen and Paul J. Wright*

The news media in the United States are just beginning to pay attention to an important election, which is scheduled to take place this week in the United Kingdom.

On June 23, 2016, British voters will take to the polling booth to decide whether or not to remain  in the European Union (E.U.).

The electoral process at hand is known as the Brexit referendum, with opposing sides being categorized as the Remain and Leave campaigns.

For a number of significant reasons the intelligent decision would be for Britons to opt in favor of the Leave campaign.

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The Democrat Wall of Hypocrisy

One of the key issues that Donald Trump has brought to light during his presidential campaign run is the need for a wall at the southern border in order to bolster national security and ensure the safety and welfare of our country’s people.

That a nation must have in place a framework with which it can regulate the ingress and egress of individuals across its territorial boundaries is fundamental to the notion of sovereignty and has traditionally been a sound practice of virtually every country in the world.

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Matt Damon and Susan Sarandon Play Polar Opposites

It would be hard to dispute that both Matt Damon and Susan Sarandon are bona fide members of the Hollywood left.

However, the political leanings of the movie stars are presently going in two sharply different directions.

Damon has made it clear that he stands solidly behind Hillary Clinton’s candidacy for president, while Sarandon is a passionate supporter of Bernie Sanders’s presidential run.

The divergent views of the two celebrities illustrate the very real and expanding rift that now exists within the predominantly liberal Hollywood community and the current base of the Democratic Party.

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