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Hacker Door Opened Wide by Hillary

Reports circulating in recent days indicate that the computers of 3 Democratic Party institutions have been hacked: the Democratic National Committee (DNC), the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), and the campaign files of Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

The said cyber-attacks relate to the unprecedented political scandal in which Hillary has been embroiled throughout her primary campaign; that being, the violation of federal law through the use of an unsecured private server that contained classified information.

Hillary’s use of an unprotected home server essentially opened wide a portal for digital thieves to surreptitiously cart away massive amounts of data, which were housed in various computers that existed to service Democratic Party institutions and affiliated individuals.

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More Headaches for Hillary

The pressure is on big-time this week for Hillary Clinton and all of her political, media, and special interest cohorts.

As the Democratic National Committee readies itself to lower its opening gavel at the 2016 Democratic National Convention, WikiLeaks, the controversial organization that routinely publishes tidbits of previously undisclosed information, is priming the anti-establishment pump.

The convention is set to take place July 25-28 at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA.

Interestingly, while party officials, public speakers, and event planners were working overtime, WikiLeaks was living up to its name. Just last Friday the group let 20,000 emails dribble out. The digital communications purportedly had DNC origins.

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A GOP Convention with the Right Touch of Hollywood

Like the great Ronald Reagan before him, Donald Trump appears to possess superb Hollywood instincts.

With his understanding of how politics and entertainment are a perfect match, Trump has systematically rewritten every campaign playbook out there. Now the GOP presidential nominee is set to host a party that is likely to forever alter political conventions to come.

A hint that the public is in store for something really different begins with the convention’s line-up of speakers.

Like a Barbara Walters’ “Most Fascinating People” special, the roster of those who will be gracing the Republican National Convention stage includes an eclectic mix of the political, the prosperous, and the popular.

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`Pets` Runs Away with the Box Office

Illumination Entertainment’s “The Secret Life of Pets” unexpectedly dominated the weekend’s box office.

The comedic 3D computer-animated family film is the latest release from Illumination, the company that delivered the highly successful “Despicable Me” and its big-screen offshoot “Minions.”

With competition typically benefitting a movie hungry public, entertainment’s rising studio is looking more and more like a genuine alternative to animation giant Pixar. With its higher-than-expected $103 million debut weekend, “Pets” managed to dethrone Pixar’s “Finding Dory.” It also took the crown for having the best opening for a non-sequel, non-spin-off animated film, beating the $90 million debut of Pixar’s “Inside Out.”

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Spielberg`s `BFG` Short on Box-office Magic

Disney must have been thinking it would have a big friendly box-office hit on its hands with the timely Fourth of July weekend release of “The BFG.”

Unfortunately for the studio giant, the numbers tell a bit of a different story. “BFG” brought in a modest $19.6 million in box-office revenue over the weekend and $22.2 million for the four day holiday.  Mixed reviews from critics and some unfavorable  comments on  social media sites did not help the movie’s launch. In addition, the family-oriented film has a $140 million production budget to overcome and is likely to end up in the loss column for Disney.

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