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Hollywood Celebrities Go All In for Hillary

In an unprecedented attempt to help get a candidate elected to the nation’s highest post, Hollywood is pulling out all the stops to assist Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton to win the presidency.

Many of the Tinseltown residents with sizeable influence are busy supplying “in kind” contributions to the Hillary campaign. Playing their typical roles in the quadrennial Academy Award show of politics, they have been making personal donations, rounding up gobs of cash at left-leaning fundraisers, rushing stages to publicly endorse, appearing at campaign-stop junkets, and generally lobbing stink bombs at any political, entertainment, media, business, or high-profile individual or organization that dare express a semblance of objectivity or opposition.

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Social Media Will Pick the Presidential Debate Winner

Here is the unvarnished truth: Social media is set to play an unprecedented role in the upcoming presidential debates between Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican candidate Donald Trump.

The televised political match-ups will undoubtedly reach an audience the size of which has never been seen before in the history of presidential debates.

Trump has already proven to be a ratings magnet in the GOP primary debates and fifteen million people tuned in to the “Commander in Chief Forum” hosted by Matt Lauer, which was, in effect a “preseason” debate event.

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Mainstream Media No Longer Even Faking Objectivity

The news media are the story in this year’s presidential election cycle.

Journalistic ethics have been abandoned in favor of the politics of personal preference.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the nasty and distorted news coverage of the presidential campaign of Republican nominee Donald Trump.

In a recent interview on Newsmax TV, Emmy award-winning investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson told host Steve Malzberg that she saw and heard an ex-news media bureau chief urge journalists to jettison their ethics and focus on bringing down Trump.

During the television appearance, Attkisson recounted her attendance at an awards dinner in Washington, D.C. for a journalist group.

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Britain`s Brexit Referendum to Bring Back the Nation-state

by James Hirsen and Paul J. Wright*

The news media in the United States are just beginning to pay attention to an important election, which is scheduled to take place this week in the United Kingdom.

On June 23, 2016, British voters will take to the polling booth to decide whether or not to remain  in the European Union (E.U.).

The electoral process at hand is known as the Brexit referendum, with opposing sides being categorized as the Remain and Leave campaigns.

For a number of significant reasons the intelligent decision would be for Britons to opt in favor of the Leave campaign.

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The Democrat Wall of Hypocrisy

One of the key issues that Donald Trump has brought to light during his presidential campaign run is the need for a wall at the southern border in order to bolster national security and ensure the safety and welfare of our country’s people.

That a nation must have in place a framework with which it can regulate the ingress and egress of individuals across its territorial boundaries is fundamental to the notion of sovereignty and has traditionally been a sound practice of virtually every country in the world.

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Sanders Supporters May Gravitate toward Trump

Protesters recently took to the streets of the Los Angeles suburb of Monterey Park.

Contrary to what some may be thinking, the demonstration was not yet another attempt to block an appearance by GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump. Rather, it was a protest that was aimed at disrupting a campaign stop by Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Supporters of Clinton’s Democratic rival Bernie Sanders repeatedly interrupted the Democratic  frontrunner as she attempted to deliver a stump speech to her backers.

Protesters chanted, “She’s not with us,” forcing Clinton to abbreviate her speech to a mere 14 minutes.

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Walking the D.C. Red Carpet at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Ever since the Obamas moved into the White House, the image and ambiance of Washington, D.C. has been transformed.

Apart from the policies put forth by the president that have altered the national landscape, the nation’s capital has slowly turned into Hollywood East.

It is not merely that the press has treated the First Family as if they were A-list movie stars, or that the president and his wife have appeared on more entertainment television programs than all of their predecessors combined, it is the manner in which Washington, D.C. has taken on the attributes of the entertainment capital of the world.

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Hollywood, the GOP Establishment, and a Contested Convention

Hollywood celebrities are accustomed to repeating the same tired talking points as liberal Democrats and mainstream media elites when it comes to anti-Second Amendment rhetoric, radical environmental ideology, and policies of appeasement.

Curiously, however, a coalition has recently sprung up that consists of a bramblebush of anti-conservative opponents.

George Clooney, Susan Sarandon, Louie CK, and the “Saturday Night Live” writing staff are currently joining forces with the GOP establishment, the common thread attaching them to one another being an inordinate dislike for Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump.

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Campaign Ads Go Negative in Iowa and New Hampshire

Negative attack ads are flooding the airwaves in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Front runner Donald Trump, Trump’s chief rival Ted Cruz, climbing centrist Marco Rubio, and mainstream media favorite John Kasich are the targets of countless advertising buys that are crafted to direct attention toward the perceived shortcomings of each of the GOP presidential candidates.

Florida Senator Rubio is being targeted in New Hampshire and in national ads by Right to Rise, a Jeb Bush-friendly super PAC. One political advertisement depicts Rubio as a perpetually twirling weathervane that changes positions on immigration with the fluctuating political winds.

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Streaming to Revolutionize Delivery of Entertainment, Sports, and News in 2016

Those who opt for the streaming of their entertainment, sports, and news fare are about to be treated to an even bigger selection of choices in 2016.

The unpopular bundling model commonly used by the cable and satellite television industries is going by the wayside.

What has happened up until recently is that bundling has created a situation in which far too many television viewers have been forced to subscribe to a huge number of aggregated channels that they do not need or desire to receive. Additionally, programming that may not have otherwise survived has been subsidized by unwitting cable and satellite TV customers.

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