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Johnny Depp May Have Broken the Law

In this great nation of ours, when it comes to the issue of responsibility in exercising the God-given right to free expression, Johnny Depp has clearly crossed a line.

Interestingly, though, the actor may soon discover that he additionally ventured into territory that has the potential to place him in legal jeopardy.

While out promoting his latest film at the Glastonbury arts festival in the U.K., Depp let loose with a not-so-veiled threat on the life of the President of the United States.

In an unintelligible accent, he asked the crowd, “Can you bring Trump here?”

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Colbert Doubles Down as FCC Investigates

Stephen Colbert is still dealing with the fallout that has occurred from an airing of “The Late Show” during which the CBS late night host let loose with a number of crude and obnoxious insults aimed directly at the president.

The lowest moment in Colbert’s opening monologue came when he crossed a cultural threshold by over-sexualizing his humor with an intolerably offensive line involving Vladimir Putin and the president.

Although the term Colbert used in his disgusting lack of witticism was censored for the purposes of the broadcast, it was unfortunately quite understandable to viewers the world over.

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Super Star Supporters of The Second Amendment

When it comes to the Second Amendment, Hollywood hypocrisy has been on display for a very long time.

In light of recent tragedies, though, the double standard that exists seems to be even more exaggerated now than in past circumstances. Many celebrities are woefully comfortable with their superb level of private protection while simultaneously being wildly insensitive to the plight of others who do not enjoy such luxury for themselves or their families.

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Hillary`s Private Email Address in Ben Affleck`s Hands

It is now evident that Vermont socialist senator Bernie Sanders’s utterance at the first Democratic primary debate about the American people being “sick and tired of hearing about Hillary’s [expletive] emails” was ineffective in its apparent effort to deflect attention away from the pertinent election related issue.

A significant portion of the nation’s voting populace is indeed sick over how long the process of obtaining information is taking and tired of how the mainstream media continues to carry water for the former secretary of state with regard to her evasive tactics.

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Donald Trump Gets Legal Threat from Steven Tyler

Most big name music stars are not exactly fans of the Republican Party. As a matter of fact, several of them, including Neil Young, Jackson Browne, Tom Petty, and David Byrne, among others, have used the threat of legal action to stop Republican candidates and GOP office holders from using their songs.

During the 2008 presidential election season, Browne, Foo Fighters, and John Mellencamp all demanded that Republican presidential candidate John McCain stop utilizing their musical compositions.

The latest celebrity to employ this tactic and halt the use by a Republican of a musical work involves a tune that is being played at campaign events by presidential candidate and current GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.

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Tom Brady Wins in the Legal Arena

Tom Brady is famous for his wins, especially in the final minutes of a professional football game. Most recently, though, the New England Patriots’ star quarterback achieved an amazing last-minute victory in a brand new venue, a federal courtroom.

Fans of the team are celebrating a legal determination, which is likely to result in Brady being able to suit up for the entire upcoming NFL season. Judge Richard M. Berman of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York has ruled in favor of Brady and the players association, which had sought to have the court overturn his four-game suspension, a punishment that had been meted out for the quarterback’s alleged role in what has been referred to in the press as “deflategate.”

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Ariana Grande and the Law

Ariana Grande has been on a career roll. She has enjoyed a string of chart-topping hits, accrued a huge fan base, and secured a starring role in a high-profile television show, which is set to air soon.

All of her success aside, the pop singer may now have caused irreparable damage to her brand, and in the process, earned herself a serious rap sheet.

In our ultra-technologically advanced society, most people realize that public places are, more often than not, under surveillance 24/7. However, in a single visit to a Southern California donut shop, Grande somehow let that factoid slip her celebrity mind.

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Lessons in Finance from the Famous

Success in the music, sports, and entertainment industries is frequently marked by an increase in personal financial resources. The material enhancements often occur to such a heightened degree and in such a rapid manner that the celebrated beneficiaries are left unprepared to effectively deal with their circumstances without the assistance of professional guidance.

Many well-known celebrities have found themselves in financial ruin, despite having had huge amounts of money placed within their hands.

Actor Nicolas Cage, boxer Mike Tyson, rapper MC Hammer, actress Kim Basinger, and singer Willie Nelson are a few examples of some of the famed individuals who unfortunately ended up with their balance sheets in negative territory.

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A Defamation Trial for HBO`s `Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel`

A trial is set to begin on April 13, 2015, which has implications for the credibility of the American media and sports news figures.

HBO is the defendant in a defamation lawsuit, which is headed to trial in federal court, over a 2008 episode of “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.”

During a segment of Gumbel’s show, it was reported that a sporting equipment maker, Mitre Sports International, manufactured soccer balls using child labor. Mitre makes the exclusive soccer ball of the English Premier League as well as the one used in Major League Soccer.

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Hollywood Stars Express Opposition to Religious Freedom Law

Hollywood has typically been a place where the famed have frequently been known to be adherents of alternative belief systems, ones for which they seek tolerance, acceptance, and even religious freedom.

Of late, though, a segment of the celebrity community has been focusing its attention on a recently signed Indiana piece of legislation, Senate Bill 101, which is titled the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Indiana’s governor Mike Pence has signed the bill into law, and the legislation has the specific design of prohibiting government from interference with an individual’s right to freely exercise his or her religion.

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