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Mainstream Media Slam Jimmy Fallon for Being `Too Soft on Trump`

When Jimmy Fallon returned to host “Saturday Night Live” this past weekend, America learned what the mainstream media use as criteria to evaluate today’s entertainment.

Apparently, the quality of writing, depth of material, delivery of lines, etc., are not as important to mainstream media outlets as whether the entertainment content in question sufficiently attacks President Donald Trump.

The same media pundits that praise Stephen Colbert and “SNL” for non-stop anti-Trump programming have found Fallon wanting for his apparent failure to hit Trump hard enough.

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Ricky Gervais Makes Golden Globes a Politically Incorrect Event

The most interesting thing about the 2016 Golden Globe Awards was not the highly predictable winners but rather the highly predictable barbs thrown Hollywood’s way by contentious host Rick Gervais.

After referring to the audience as “disgusting, pill-popping, sexual deviant scum,” Gervais announced the following: “I’m going to do this monologue and then go into hiding. Not even Sean Penn will find me … snitch.”

The brash Brit launched an early attack at the television network that aired the program.

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Colbert`s One-sided Comedy Puts CBS in a Late-night Ratings Rut

After David Letterman announced back in 2014 that he was retiring from the late-night stage, CBS made the decision not to go with a traditional host such as Craig Ferguson, former host of “The Late Late Show.” Instead the network chose to tap Stephen Colbert, a Comedy Central host who had built his prior show on a fictitious character, one that was, in fact, a spoof political caricature of a conservative.

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Donald Trump`s SNL Triumph

Despite the protests, petitions, and pressure placed on the NBC network, Donald Trump maintained his trademark focus throughout the attacks and ultimately took to the stage as host of the most recent episode of television’s iconic comedy show, “Saturday Night Live.”

Thanks to Trump’s appearance, SNL achieved record ratings and the GOP presidential frontrunner enhanced his image in the process, further strengthening his candidacy.

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`SNL` Sells the Softer Side of Hillary

Hillary Clinton’s campaign managers have been attempting to soften the former secretary of state’s image by engaging in an “authenticity tour,” complete with appearances by Hillary on several entertainment shows, most recently in a sketch on “Saturday Night Live.”

In the YouTube world in which we all now reside, whether a candidate for president appears to be likable, particularly on television, is of paramount importance to that individual’s ultimate electoral success.

All of the chatter about Hillary appearing to be stiff and scripted, combined with her falling poll numbers, email scandals, and challenges from Bernie Sanders and others, have caused the presumed Democratic frontrunner to try and convince potential supporters that she is genuine.

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Trump Dominates Late-Night

The slate of candidates who are seeking the presidency in 2016 are busy making the rounds on late-night television talk shows as part of their election campaigning.

On his “Late Show” debut program last week, host Stephen Colbert had GOP 2016 presidential candidate Jeb Bush as a guest, and Vice President Joe Biden, who incidentally is on the verge of running for president on the Democrat side, shortly thereafter.

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Is Political Correctness Killing Comedy?

Known for his brand of sophisticated observational humor, comedian Jerry Seinfeld may seem like an unlikely individual to be ringing a warning bell about the mounting threat against freedom of expression that political correctness is currently posing.

However, after remarks made on ESPN radio and “Late Night with Seth Meyers” appeared on the Internet, Seinfeld appears to have taken center stage on the touchy speech issue.

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