Hollywood Liberals React to Missile Strike on Syria

In response to the recent chemical weapons attack in Syria, which injured numerous men, women, and children and took the lives of scores of civilians, the Trump administration authorized a military strike in the region.

U.S. ships in the Mediterranean launched 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles, which struck the Al Shayrat airfield in Syria, the same airfield from which the chemical weapons were unleashed.

In the aftermath of the administration’s military action, Hollywood elites have taken to social and conventional media to let their opinions be known.

The morning after the missile strike co-hosts of ABC’s “The View” Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin provided a legal analysis on the subject. Behar and Hostin displayed what appeared to be a newfound appreciation of the U.S. Constitution, invoking the founding document to assert that President Donald Trump’s military action was unlawful.

Behar claimed that former President Barack Obama wanted to order military action against Syria but was unable to get the approval of Congress.

Behar speculated that “if he had not gone to Congress, President Obama, they would’ve impeached him!”

Earlier in the week Behar displayed enthusiasm at the thought of similar action being taken against President Trump.

Hostin knocked the discussion down a further level, saying, “I think it showed a dictator. I think it showed someone that was willing to unilaterally act without Congress. We’ve got to be very careful about that because what is his plan?”

Some of the more extreme left-leaning celebrities, including Trevor Noah, Cher, Kerry Washington, Margaret Cho, Rosie O’Donnell, Mia Farrow, and Patton Oswald, used their social media accounts to express their displeasure.

In liberal cliché style, Noah posted, “It’s sad that politicians can’t find money for education, clean water or healthcare but they can spend millions to ‘send a message to Syria.’”

In a tweet, longtime Trump adversary O’Donnell alluded to President Trump’s former television success, invoking the name of the show to make her ineffective point.

Cher used her Twitter account to imply that President Trump’s strategy is unclear.

Mia Farrow conveyed distrust while questioning the president’s competency.

Patton Oswalt was too clever by half in his posting of pictures of Syrian dictator Assad and President Trump.

Funny or Die’s Billy Eichner even brought into his tweet President Trump’s supporters, taking a swipe at them and assuring the likeminded that he would never be able to move past it.

Curiously, the Hollywood left has consistently supported candidates who have advocated some of the identical policies of the Trump administration.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton herself called for bombing Syrian airfields during an interview mere hours before President Trump called for the same.

Hollywood liberals and their leftist allies in the mainstream media seem to have forgotten that former Secretary of State John Kerry boasted in July of 2014 about the Obama administration cutting a supposed historic deal, which purported to have removed chemical weapons from Syria.

Kerry made appearances at the time on all the network Sunday shows to tout the administration’s accomplishments in Syria.

“We struck a deal where we got 100 percent of the chemical weapons out,” Kerry told NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

In January 2017 former Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice also declared that the Obama administration had secured the removal of chemical weapons from Syria. And during the same lame duck month, the Obama administration quietly issued new sanctions against Syrian officials involved in chemical warfare.

There was a provision in the above referenced material that sanctioned one official in particular and, according to the sanction documents, the referenced individual “has continued operating at locations in Syria associated with chemical warfare-related missions.”

While testifying to Congress in February 2017, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper admitted “gaps and inconsistencies in Syria’s declaration,” confirming the notion that Syria still possessed banned chemical weapons.

The Obama administration represented to the public that such weapons had been eliminated, but so far there is no evidence that this will be a trending social media topic in the near future for the intransigent Hollywood left.

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