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Oscars Reveal Hollywood`s Vices

Hollywood used to be a place where larger-than-life celebrities possessed the intangible quality of “star power.”

However, things have changed over the course of time and have done so in a manner that appears to be as dramatic as the cinematic art itself so frequently manifests.

The entertainment industry has been thoroughly transformed by a tidal wave of new technologies. And the ever-present insecurity, of which executives who run the largest studios often speak, has caused a torrent of franchise films, sequels, and reboots to be overrepresented on the marquees of movie theaters across the country.

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Hollywood Visual Effects Artists Protest the Academy Awards

Viewers tuning into the television programming leading up to the 86th Annual Academy Awards ceremony may have noticed an unusual activity that was taking place alongside the red carpet.

Numerous people carrying signs of a significant shade of green had set up a picket line and were engaged in a full-fledged Oscar protest.

The color green in Hollywood typically means that an issue has some kind of environmental connection, but not in this instance. The signs displayed by this particular group were meant to invoke the “green screen,” which is a Hollywood technologically related mainstay used in the creation of modern digital special effects for cinema.

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Early Oscar Predictions

The 86th Academy Awards voting process has begun.

Until the nominations are announced on Jan. 16, 2014, Hollywood will be holding its collective breath. Provided below is a short summary of what you might expect to hear on that date.

The all-important awards season is the most competitive in decades thanks to a flood of critic and member pleasing fare. Some of Hollywood’s biggest stars are featured in challenging roles this time around.

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Why the Academy Awards Matter

With the parade of awards shows marching across our home theater screens, the question is often raised as to whether the self-congratulatory rituals matter to folks outside the entertainment industry.

Well, in addition to the celebrity gazing, fashion ogling and winner prognosticating, the Oscars actually have a fairly strong impact on various aspects of our pop culture.

There are, of course, the usual trend effects on hairstyles, fashion, music, jewelry, sunglasses, etc., but there is also trendsetting within the film art world, art imitating art, if you will. Movies resembling Oscar winners tend to follow. Style, tone and themes repeat. Subject matter, too, can be found popping up again in a future film.

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