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Grammys Strike a Sour Note

This awards season has had many of the viewing public appalled as they watched entertainment film and television luminaries shift from self-congratulatory mode to political preaching overdrive.

Prior to the 59th Grammys, industry insiders had already telegraphed that Sunday night’s show would feature music stars who were free to let loose and air their political grievances.

And so they did. Oftentimes comments were delivered with not-so-clever implications and other times with pure vitriol.

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Kanye West and Beyonce Choose Money over Human Rights

Two of the best-known names in popular culture, Kanye West and Beyonce Knowles, are getting some heat for their astonishing insensitivity to victims of human rights abuses.

Both music superstars recently performed at the Kazakhstan wedding of the grandson of country’s brutal dictator.

In Kanye’s case, media reports indicate that he was given a $3 million check for his entertainment services. A Kazakh billionaire and co-owner of one of the country’s largest banks reportedly paid the rapper. The amount Beyonce received has not been reported.

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