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New Media Power Shift

A slow steady reallocation of power has been taking place in the media business, and it is one that is going to ultimately alter the way news is consumed by a ravenous public.

Hollywood has already felt the winds of change blowing from the Northern part of the Golden State. Tech companies such as Netflix and Amazon have been bidding up content and winning prestigious awards.  And in an additional media twist, paid Internet entertainment sites have been encroaching on territory previously held by broadcast and cable TV.

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The Future of Entertainment: Augmented Reality

Entertainment’s future has arrived, and it has come in the form of a developing technology known as augmented reality.

Most are already familiar with virtual reality in which technology is utilized to enable a simulated world to supplant the real one. Virtual reality immerses an individual into a complete digital environment without said person having any cognizance of the world that is surrounding him or her.
Currently, the most recognized virtual reality devices are headsets made by Facebook’s Oculus Rift or Sony’s Morpheus.

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Davos Panelists Foresee the Death of Privacy

Eric Schmidt is the former software engineer who rose to become executive chairman of Google.

Schmidt recently spoke to the top political, business, and financial minds gathered together at the World Economic Forum. The global event was held at the fashionable Swiss municipality of Davos.

Schmidt’s speech carried a prediction regarding the Internet; that being, the World Wide Web as we know it is essentially destined to fade to black. Responding to a question about the web’s future, Schmidt said, “I will answer very simply that the Internet will disappear.”

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Google Data Achieve 94% Accuracy in Hollywood Box-office Predictions

Digital information is virtually unlimited in the ways in which it can be applied to predict future human behavior.

Search information provides data that can be used by sophisticated software in supercomputers to make predictions on all sorts of things, ranging from items that consumers are most likely to buy to how citizens will ultimately cast their votes in a political election.

Hollywood executives have been paying close attention to the whole subject of search information data, particularly with regard to potential applications within the entertainment industry.

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