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Hollywood Hysteria over Paris Climate Accord

Immediately after President Donald Trump announced his decision to exit the Paris climate accord, Hollywood’s “geopolitical experts” flooded the media landscape with their madcap predictions and negative prattle.

The action taken by the president should not really have come as a surprise to anyone who is even mildly aware of politics and culture, whether he or she resides on the left, right, or center of the climate change spectrum.

After all, during the election cycle the president, who in his short time in office has already made good on a number of campaign promises, also explicitly said that once elected he would pull out of the accord, due its fundamental unfairness to the United States.

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Grammys Strike a Sour Note

This awards season has had many of the viewing public appalled as they watched entertainment film and television luminaries shift from self-congratulatory mode to political preaching overdrive.

Prior to the 59th Grammys, industry insiders had already telegraphed that Sunday night’s show would feature music stars who were free to let loose and air their political grievances.

And so they did. Oftentimes comments were delivered with not-so-clever implications and other times with pure vitriol.

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The Tarnishing of the Hollywood Brand

Hollywood is its own brand. And although the name itself used to be synonymous with inspiration, innovation, talent, quality, and creativity in all things entertainment, the brand of one of the country’s most unique industries appears to be on a distinctly downward trajectory.

Multiple factors are responsible for the degradation of an impeccably crafted decades-long image, and these factors may even lead to its ultimate demise. But of all of the things that have had a minor or major impact, nothing has been more deleterious to the brand than the angry appearance and hateful words of Hollywood’s celebrities, who like it or not are the “face” of Hollywood’s products.

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Trump`s Hollywood Pick for Treasury Secretary

A high-profile member of the Hollywood community has been named to a pivotal position in the incoming administration of President-elect Donald Trump.

It was recently announced that Trump has chosen movie production finance expert Steve Mnuchin to be his treasury secretary.

Prior to coming to Tinseltown, Mnuchin had a 17-year stint at Goldman Sachs, where he was a partner and eventually became chief information officer for the firm.

While in Hollywood, he earned additional credentials as a significant behind-the-scenes player in the movie business and an industry leader who headed up business entities that completed numerous financing deals with big-name studios 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros.

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Hollywood Takes Aim at the Electoral College

In the wake of president-elect Donald Trump’s dramatic victory, many of the more outspoken left-leaning journalists, mainstream media pundits, and entrenched politicians have now placed in their sights the Electoral College.

Having the distinct feel of a coordinated campaign, mainstream outlets have flooded the media landscape with attacks on the time-honored process embodied in the U.S. Constitution.

-The New York Times recently published a piece titled “The Electoral College Is Hated by Many. So Why Does It Endure?”

-The Baltimore Sun featured an editorial titled “Ditch the Electoral College? Yes we can.”

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Hollywood Producer Heads Up Trump`s Fundraising Efforts

Despite the unprecedented onslaught of negativity from the entertainment industry and mainstream news media outlets, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump hauled in a record breaking $100 million in a single month from individual donors that contributed $200 or less.

Never before has a GOP candidate attained such a fundraising feat in a single campaign stroke.

The number of individuals who contributed to Trump’s campaign amounted to 2.6 million people, which represents a 24% increase over the previous month; this is another record breaking number exceeding that of any previous Republican candidate.

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The New Blacklist

In today’s Hollywood there is apparently a price to be paid for supporting Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy.

Just ask the latest celebrity who has been put on notice.

Antonio Sabato Jr., who has appeared in movies, television shows, daytime dramas, and reality TV feats the likes of “The Big Hit,” “Charmed,” “The Bold and the Beautiful,” and “Dancing with the Stars,” just revealed that he has been blacklisted in Hollywood because of his backing of Trump.

Sabato got the attention of the Hollywood left when he took to the stage alongside fellow celebrities Scott Baio and Willie Robertson at the Republican National Convention.

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A GOP Convention with the Right Touch of Hollywood

Like the great Ronald Reagan before him, Donald Trump appears to possess superb Hollywood instincts.

With his understanding of how politics and entertainment are a perfect match, Trump has systematically rewritten every campaign playbook out there. Now the GOP presidential nominee is set to host a party that is likely to forever alter political conventions to come.

A hint that the public is in store for something really different begins with the convention’s line-up of speakers.

Like a Barbara Walters’ “Most Fascinating People” special, the roster of those who will be gracing the Republican National Convention stage includes an eclectic mix of the political, the prosperous, and the popular.

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John Kerry Seeks Hollywood Advice on How to Fight ISIS

John Kerry recently traveled to Hollywood to meet with a dozen industry executives.

Ostensibly, the Secretary of State went to the Left Coast to seek advice on how to win the battle against Isis.

Kerry sat down with a virtual who’s who of the entertainment business, which included NBCUniversal Vice Chairman Ron Meyer, Chairman of Universal Filmed Entertainment Group Jeff Shell, Universal Pictures Chairman Donna Langley, Universal Pictures President Jimmy Horowitz, Motion Picture Association of America Chairman and former U.S. Senator Chris Dodd, Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara, DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg, 20th Century Fox Chairman and CEO Jim Gianopulos, 20th Century Fox Co-Chair Stacey Snider, President of Walt Disney Motion Picture Production Sean Bailey,  Chairman of Sony Pictures Tom Rothman, and Amblin Partners CEO Michael Wright.

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Obama Holds Secret Meeting with Hollywood Donors

Following a number of recent Left Coast fundraising stops, President Barack Obama got down to business at a late night dinner meeting with some key members of the Hollywood elite.

Not only was the get-together with DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg, chairman of Walt Disney Studios Alan Horn, and A-list actor Will Smith not on Obama’s public schedule, it was also intentionally kept from the press.

The White House failed to make mention of the meeting to reporters who were traveling with the president as he made his way to fundraising events and a television studio in Los Angeles.

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