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Late-night Comedy Targets President Donald Trump

Some of Hollywood’s most notorious liberal activists appear to be hell-bent on continuing their quest to spread the hate, most notably against the nation’s new president, Donald J. Trump.

Still reeling from Trump’s victory over rival Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, some left-leaning celebrities are wildly engaging in social media diatribes and/or racing to grab the mike at public protest events.

During the primary and general election season, a number of entertainment industry lefties were dead set on the destruction of the Trump campaign, and there were countless attempts to flood the airwaves with Trump-mocking material.

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Jimmy Kimmel Ambushes Jay Leno

Jimmy Kimmel gave a set to set interview to Jay Leno Thursday night for the Leno Show’s 10@10 segment.

Kimmel surprised Leno by redirecting the answers to every one of the ten questions that were asked. The segment turned serious and even hostile as Kimmel revealed that he is part of Team Conan.

When Leno asked Kimmel if there was anyone he wanted to interview.

“You and Conan together,” Kimmel answered.

When asked to name the best prank he ever pulled, “The best prank I ever pulled was I told a guy that—five years from now—I’m gonna give you my show. And then when the five years came, I gave it to him, and then I took it back almost instantly.”

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