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Late-night Comedy Targets President Donald Trump

Some of Hollywood’s most notorious liberal activists appear to be hell-bent on continuing their quest to spread the hate, most notably against the nation’s new president, Donald J. Trump.

Still reeling from Trump’s victory over rival Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, some left-leaning celebrities are wildly engaging in social media diatribes and/or racing to grab the mike at public protest events.

During the primary and general election season, a number of entertainment industry lefties were dead set on the destruction of the Trump campaign, and there were countless attempts to flood the airwaves with Trump-mocking material.

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Colbert`s One-sided Comedy Puts CBS in a Late-night Ratings Rut

After David Letterman announced back in 2014 that he was retiring from the late-night stage, CBS made the decision not to go with a traditional host such as Craig Ferguson, former host of “The Late Late Show.” Instead the network chose to tap Stephen Colbert, a Comedy Central host who had built his prior show on a fictitious character, one that was, in fact, a spoof political caricature of a conservative.

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Trump Dominates Late-Night

The slate of candidates who are seeking the presidency in 2016 are busy making the rounds on late-night television talk shows as part of their election campaigning.

On his “Late Show” debut program last week, host Stephen Colbert had GOP 2016 presidential candidate Jeb Bush as a guest, and Vice President Joe Biden, who incidentally is on the verge of running for president on the Democrat side, shortly thereafter.

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Obamacare Debacle Spawns Late-night Hand-wringing

The meltdown of the Affordable Care Act website, HealthCare.gov, has been eliciting some interesting responses on the late-night comedy shows.

Hosts of the late-night fare have made the White House’s infamous website a virtual punching bag. At the same time, though, comedy writers and joke deliverers, with the exception of Jay Leno, seem to be taking great pains to avoid making the president himself the target of any zingers.

Jon Stewart, who in the past took aim at the president’s health care rollout, used his Comedy Central platform to take cable news outlets to task for having used his comedic material to knock President Obama.

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The White House’s Late-night Admission

President Obama has demonstrated a lack of restraint, and it’s not just in his tendency to splurge on the taxpayer’s dime.

In the history of our country, no other sitting president has traded away a portion of his stature and appeared on a late-night comedy show.

Obama’s late-night guest spots have included ones on the shows of David Letterman, Jay Leno and Jon Stewart. The appearances were orchestrated by a White House that was seeking to tap into the youth vote.

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Did a Legal Loophole Allow NBC to Get Rid of Conan?

Contracts in the entertainment business have their own language and legal interpretation.

Courts impose the customs and standard practices of the industry in agreements, if the language does not specifically contradict them.

This means that if Conan O’Brien’s contract with NBC didn’t say anything about the time the “Tonght Show” was scheduled to air, NBC could determine the timeslot for the show.

Conan’s contract reportedly had no specific provision that guaranteed the show would air immediately after the local affiliate news.

Television networks routinely change program air times, as fans of numerous dramas and sitcoms are fully aware.

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