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Far-left Hollywood Partly Responsible for Crisis in Venezuela

The people of Venezuela are currently suffering through what can only be described as a full blown humanitarian crisis, and some big name celebrities are partly to blame for the nightmarish conditions that are plaguing the South American country.

Venezuela’s problems began when far-left wing dictator Hugo Chavez grabbed hold of the reins of power in 1999, after having failed in a coup attempt to take control six years earlier.

Chavez told the same malevolent tale that socialists always use to manipulate the populace: Each and every person will have an equal share in the prosperity that is sure to come.

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Hollywood Helps Fuel Election Mischief

Some big-name Hollywood celebrities along with political pouters of all persuasions recently joined forces with 2016’s Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in hopes of pulling off an election redo.

Although President-elect Donald Trump won a decisive victory in the 2016 presidential election, many of Hillary’s supporters and those in her Hollywood fan base are stubbornly refusing to accept the election results.

However, prior to the election Trump was actually derided by his opponent as well as those on the left who thought he might be the one to contest the election results or fail to come to terms with what was believed by the mainstream media and a majority of the Democrats to be an inevitable Hillary win.

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Hollywood Celebrities Launch Trump Attack

When members of the far-left in Hollywood are using the same script as the editors of National Review, we know that we are living in very surreal times.

“Stop Hate, Dump Trump” is a new slogan that has been adopted by a group of Hollywood liberals in the hopes of derailing Donald Trump’s campaign bullet train.

In an almost simultaneous effort, National Review has devoted almost every page of the most recent issue of its magazine to essays that urge voters to withhold support from the GOP front runner, something that most likely would have appalled conservative icon and magazine founder William F. Buckley Jr.

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Michael Moore Still Fears Clint Eastwood

In an apparent effort to garner publicity, Michael Moore continues to make provocative statements about “American Sniper,” the film that has captured moviegoers’ attention and consequently taken the box office by storm.

The concoctor of controversy now appears to be trying to elicit sympathy from the public for something that “American Sniper” director Clint Eastwood said in a speech made ten years ago. Moore recently posted a lengthy rant on his Facebook page in which he further disparaged Eastwood’s latest film. He continued with a veiled attack on another of the acclaimed director’s movies, “Gran Torino,” and tried to further damage Eastwood’s reputation by lifting out of context a decade-old remark made by Eastwood and strewing it among the weeds of loaded language.

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Hollywood Celebrities Voice Support for Wall Street Protest

A group calling itself “Occupy Wall Street” was involved in a protest march this past weekend in which some of its participants blocked passage to the famed Brooklyn Bridge.

Predictably, the activist action resulted in the arrest of more than 700 protestors.

Demonstrations, which have chiefly focused on New York financial firms, began last month with participants seemingly engaged in an imitation of the prior protests that occurred in Europe.

The group’s website, occupytogether.com, is a prime vehicle for the promotion of the U.S. protests. The site identifies Occupy Wall Street’s main goal as “ending the greed and corruption of the wealthiest 1% of America.” Similar nationwide affiliated protests are evidently part of the group’s long-range plans.

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