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New Media Power Shift

A slow steady reallocation of power has been taking place in the media business, and it is one that is going to ultimately alter the way news is consumed by a ravenous public.

Hollywood has already felt the winds of change blowing from the Northern part of the Golden State. Tech companies such as Netflix and Amazon have been bidding up content and winning prestigious awards.  And in an additional media twist, paid Internet entertainment sites have been encroaching on territory previously held by broadcast and cable TV.

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The Rewriting of Obama`s Legacy

In an apparent effort to emulate President-elect Donald Trump’s social media mastery, President Obama began the New Year by giving his Twitter followers a revisionist history lesson.

The “Me Too” outgoing president posted a series of tweets that were supposed to tout his two-term accomplishments.

“As we look ahead to the future, I wanted to take a moment to look back on the remarkable progress that you made possible these past 8 years,” Obama tweeted.

The president shared information from his brag book about his supposed job creation, health care triumphs, and super hero environmental status.

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Streaming to Revolutionize Delivery of Entertainment, Sports, and News in 2016

Those who opt for the streaming of their entertainment, sports, and news fare are about to be treated to an even bigger selection of choices in 2016.

The unpopular bundling model commonly used by the cable and satellite television industries is going by the wayside.

What has happened up until recently is that bundling has created a situation in which far too many television viewers have been forced to subscribe to a huge number of aggregated channels that they do not need or desire to receive. Additionally, programming that may not have otherwise survived has been subsidized by unwitting cable and satellite TV customers.

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SAG and Globes Nominations Highlight Sea Change in Entertainment Delivery

The manner in which entertainment is being delivered to the public has been undergoing a transformation for a number of years now, particularly in the entertainment component that is generically referred to as “television.”

The major broadcast television industry initially had to grapple with the advent of cable television. Now, however, Internet streaming, which has significantly altered the entertainment landscape, is on the verge of superseding cable as the primary way in which people select their television fare and/or view their favorite digital media.

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China`s Digital Giant Alibaba Emerges as Major Hollywood Player

China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba enjoyed a record-breaking debut on Wall Street last week, which shook the financial world. Now the massive firm has its sights set on Hollywood.

Other digital concerns, including Amazon, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Crackle, and YouTube, have been making executives in the industry nervous with their incursions into the entertainment world.

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