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Far-left Hollywood Partly Responsible for Crisis in Venezuela

The people of Venezuela are currently suffering through what can only be described as a full blown humanitarian crisis, and some big name celebrities are partly to blame for the nightmarish conditions that are plaguing the South American country.

Venezuela’s problems began when far-left wing dictator Hugo Chavez grabbed hold of the reins of power in 1999, after having failed in a coup attempt to take control six years earlier.

Chavez told the same malevolent tale that socialists always use to manipulate the populace: Each and every person will have an equal share in the prosperity that is sure to come.

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Celebrity Video Tells Government to ‘Stop Watching Us’

Some major Hollywood celebrities are appearing in a new video to express their objections to the widespread surveillance program, which has been administered by the National Security Agency (NSA).

Despite being highly critical of the government surveillance policy, the video’s celebrity participants avoid any mention of the individual who is ultimately in charge of the agency, President Obama.

The U.K. Guardian newspaper first reported on the U.S. government’s surveillance tactics after having received documents from agency contractor Edward Snowden. A series of reports published in the Guardian as well as the Washington Post revealed what were at one time secret activities by the NSA, which involved the gathering of phone records and Internet activities of U.S. citizens.

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Hollywood Has a Case of Post-Election Remorse

When it comes to the entertainment community’s long-term relationship with President Obama, Hollywood is in the midst of a sea change.

Some of the same supporters who in the last presidential election showered Obama with campaign donations and public adulation appear now to be experiencing buyer’s remorse, especially in relation to one major issue.

Just last week, while out in Tokyo promoting a Showtime documentary, director Oliver Stone used some harsh rhetoric to express his extreme displeasure with the president.

“Obama is a snake,” Stone told the press. “He’s a snake. And we have to turn on him.”

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