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Colbert Doubles Down as FCC Investigates

Stephen Colbert is still dealing with the fallout that has occurred from an airing of “The Late Show” during which the CBS late night host let loose with a number of crude and obnoxious insults aimed directly at the president.

The lowest moment in Colbert’s opening monologue came when he crossed a cultural threshold by over-sexualizing his humor with an intolerably offensive line involving Vladimir Putin and the president.

Although the term Colbert used in his disgusting lack of witticism was censored for the purposes of the broadcast, it was unfortunately quite understandable to viewers the world over.

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Late-night Comedy Targets President Donald Trump

Some of Hollywood’s most notorious liberal activists appear to be hell-bent on continuing their quest to spread the hate, most notably against the nation’s new president, Donald J. Trump.

Still reeling from Trump’s victory over rival Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, some left-leaning celebrities are wildly engaging in social media diatribes and/or racing to grab the mike at public protest events.

During the primary and general election season, a number of entertainment industry lefties were dead set on the destruction of the Trump campaign, and there were countless attempts to flood the airwaves with Trump-mocking material.

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Colbert`s One-sided Comedy Puts CBS in a Late-night Ratings Rut

After David Letterman announced back in 2014 that he was retiring from the late-night stage, CBS made the decision not to go with a traditional host such as Craig Ferguson, former host of “The Late Late Show.” Instead the network chose to tap Stephen Colbert, a Comedy Central host who had built his prior show on a fictitious character, one that was, in fact, a spoof political caricature of a conservative.

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Comedy Central Hosts Downplay the Harry Reid Nuclear Option

Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart recently scurried to the defense of the wily Harry Reid.

With late-night humor as a cover, the Comedy Central hosts parroted the themes of the left-leaning news media regarding the senate majority leader’s unprecedented move to exercise the so-called nuclear option, which in one fateful stroke changed the more than 200-year-old procedure for filibustering presidential nominees.

With tongue solidly in cheek, Colbert, portraying his faux conservative character, referred to the day of the Reid bombshell as “the last day of America” and announced that he was leaving the U.S. to go to a little known foreign territory called “South Carolina.”

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Stewart and Colbert’s Rally about Nothing (Plus the Election in the Light of the ‘Late-night Comic Indicator’)

Democrats wanted to use Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s rally this past weekend to motivate young voters to participate in the midterm elections.

The crowd was mostly Dems. But it also contained some generally apathetic Comedy Central fans.

The three-hour rally consisted mainly of satire and comedy with humorous sketches and surprise musical guests including Kid Rock, Ozzy Osbourne, the O’Jays, Sheryl Crow, Tony Bennett and the former Cat Stevens, Yusuf Islam.

In one rare quasi-political stunt, Stewart gave a “Medal of Reasonableness” to Velma Hart, the now famous lady who told Obama that she was “exhausted” from having to defend him.

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