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Hollywood Liberals React to Missile Strike on Syria

In response to the recent chemical weapons attack in Syria, which injured numerous men, women, and children and took the lives of scores of civilians, the Trump administration authorized a military strike in the region.

U.S. ships in the Mediterranean launched 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles, which struck the Al Shayrat airfield in Syria, the same airfield from which the chemical weapons were unleashed.

In the aftermath of the administration’s military action, Hollywood elites have taken to social and conventional media to let their opinions be known.

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Hollywood Mostly Silent on Syria

As President Barack Obama continues to push for a military strike on Syria, the Hollywood community’s most vocal anti-war celebrities seem to be taking a hushed approach when it comes to discussing the issue.

When George Clooney was recently asked about a possible U.S. military intervention by a reporter at the Venice Film Festival, the actor responded, “I actually thought you would ask me about Ben Affleck playing Batman, but no, it’s Syria.” The actor managed to avoid discussing the issue with the verbal sleight of hand.

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