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Democrats Seek Out Celebrities to Run for Political Office

Celebrities have the ability to greatly influence the beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors of our society.

A multi-billion dollar endorsement industry, which pitches everything from diet aids to reverse mortgages, serves as proof of the bona fide clout that celebrities possess as an adjunct to their fame.

Stars who have had the good fortune of becoming household names hold a particular advantage in being able to make a viable run for public office.

The Republican Party has had a history of successful candidates that hailed from the entertainment world. Names include the likes of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, California Congressman Sony Bono, California Mayor of Carmel Clint Eastwood, and the epitome of celebrity political victors President Ronald Reagan.

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Hollywood`s Attempt to Thwart GOP Midterm Victory

Hollywood has been in full support mode of the Democrats in their efforts to hang onto political power following the midterm elections.

Using Internet videos, celebrity endorsements, financial contributions, and power-packed fundraising events, entertainment figures have been key players in Democrat campaigns across the nation.

Hollywood is masterful when it comes to content creation, and one of the primary ways entertainment industry activists are able to contribute to the campaigns of their choice is through assisting in the design and production of video footage. Video of this type has the potential to be exponential in its attention-attracting payoff, particularly if it should go viral on the Internet.

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Meryl Streep Attacks Walt Disney

Meryl Streep stunned an audience at a recent National Board of Review awards ceremony, a highly watched pre-Oscar affair.

The perennial Oscar nominee let loose with an odd verbal assault on Walt Disney, saying that the entertainment mogul “had some racist proclivities.” Streep additionally commented that Disney had “supported an anti-Semitic industry lobbying group” and characterized him as “a gender bigot.”

The actress shared her critique while presenting the best actress trophy to Emma Thompson. In the current Disney film “Saving Mr. Banks,” Thompson plays the role of P.L. Travers, who penned “Mary Poppins.”

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